Prompt and accurate patient diagnosis, therapy and monitoring.

Go Above and Beyond

Independent Service Organization

As an Independent Service Organization, Sodexo is more able to align with partners on their success. From overseeing equipment management, purchasing, replacement, and contract management, we look for the best value from all original equipment manufacturers to drive outcomes for our clients.

Operational Excellence

Clinicians spend about 20 minutes per shift looking for equipment, at the cost of $100 per hour. When shopping for new equipment, less than 3% of quotes given to hospitals truly reflect the best pricing on the market. our HTM team uses processes and products designed to save you both time and money—without compromising patient care and safety.


Good patient experience is integral for a hospital. It boosts HCAHPS scores, improves the hospital’s reputation, and strengthens patient loyalty. When your equipment works right, patients experience increased face-to-face time with clinicians and get results sooner. Clinicians are more efficient during equipment uptime, and more confident that patient private information is safe and secure.


Equipment management is just the beginning. Sodexo Healthcare Technology Management also includes Capital Planning & Consulting, Portable Equipment Management, and Electronic Patient Health Information protection. Make the tight budget work for you by knowing when to repair vs. buy equipment by finding inventory waste and by ensuring personal data is safe.