Sodexo is proud to present our key finding from the 2022-23 Student Lifestyle Survey. Since 2004, we have been using the Sodexo Student Lifestyle Report to understand generational changes, grasp the evolving needs of students, and capture the drivers of student engagement and how they relate to student recruitment and retention.

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Not wanting to be defined by the pandemic, yet grappling with how it will forever change them and their outlook on life, GenZ are experiencing drastic spikes in anxiety, loneliness, and other mental and physical health challenges. Our report, while it covers many topics, is broken down by four key areas to try and understand the root causes that are contributing to their overall well-being.


Focusing on U.S. based college and university students, and for the first time ever a cohort of high school students, this survey and its findings act as a guide to better understand student perspectives and reveals how wrap-around services are more important than ever. Download our report and see how its findings can serve as a guide for your campus.


Become an Ally for Student Success


Our 2022-23 Student Lifestyle Survey delves into how a welcoming environment and sense of belonging is what gets students to campus, but a successful experience is what keeps them there.

Help Students Find Their Resiliency

While students feel that their institution of choice provides them with good value in the areas of academics and professional support, they feel let down in the areas of health, finances, and their social life. This presents an opportunity for campuses to support students in more ways than ever by building students up with life skills that set them up for a post-grad future.


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