Powering Human Care in Healthcare Services

Non-clinical healthcare services play an important role in growing your business and creating and maintaining patient loyalty at every stage of the care journey. By partnering with Sodexo Healthcare for healthcare support services, clinicians can be free to focus on patient care while we take care of the rest.  

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You Focus on Patient Care – We Take Care of the Rest

Our healthcare services prioritize patient well-being and operational efficiency. From managing complex dietary needs to ensuring a safe and hygienic environment, our solutions redefine healthcare facility management.  

At the heart of this healthcare approach is a commitment to transforming patient care and experience. Our comprehensive services extend beyond traditional facility management to focus on patient experience.

Our Services

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    Clinical Nutrition 

    Powered by the latest in nutritional science, our evidence-based nutrition therapy targets each patient’s individual needs. 
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    Healthcare Environmental Services + Ancillary Services 

    Ensuring a safe environment for patients and employees through environmental care and infection prevention. 
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    Retail Solutions 

    By creating experiences for healthcare staff and guests focused on smarter nutrition, comfortable environments and on-demand services that go Beyond Breaks. 
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    Healthcare Technology Management  

    Optimize patient care with our Healthcare Technology Management services. These tailored solutions ensure reliable, safe medical equipment promoting positive care experiences and minimizing risks. 
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    Nutrition & Wellness Center  

    Leverage the Sodexo Nutrition and Wellness Center and our telenutrition team to help your patients reach their nutritional health goals. 
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    Patient Experience 

    We put the patient where they belong – at the center of the care of experience – by combining the personal touch with the power of meaningful, real-time data. 
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    Facilities Management 

    Comprehensive facilities management services blend productivity, technology, and sustainability for a safe, reliable and efficient workplace. 

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Are You Ready to Redefine Your Healthcare Services?

 The integration of autonomous cleaning machines is gaining significant traction in healthcare environments as they strive to maintain cleanliness, particularly as staffing environmental services teams has become increasingly challenging. With careful consideration and planning, robots (or more accurately, cobots) can be especially helpful in complementing the efforts of human workers by taking on redundant tasks while staff are freed up to perform more high-value or patient-focused activities.

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