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Creating Exceptional Moments and Lasting Memories

Venues and events don’t just bring people together, they create exceptional moments and lasting memories. Whatever your experience, Sodexo Live! will help you reach your true potential. Stadiums, arenas, convention and conference centers, zoos, museums, and more. Together, we can put your venue on the map, achieve your long-term growth goals, and deliver a lasting impact in the heart of your communities. 

Bespoke Service for Your Business 

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Airport Lounges 

Strengthen the positive emotional connection with your brand and drive traveler loyalty. Create a premium lounge facility experience that travelers won’t want to leave. 
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Conference Centers 

Get everyone talking. Uncover the true potential of your venue and drive growth in partnership with Sodexo Live!
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Cultural Destinations

Add that perfect touch. Boost customer satisfaction and profits with a business solution that stays true to your purpose, with Sodexo Live! as your partner.

Stadiums and Arenas 

Lift your crowd higher. By understanding what matters most to guests, you’ll get everyone more engaged – setting new experience standards in professional sports hospitality with an insight driven strategy.
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Convention Centers 

Make it unique. With bespoke services perfected for your venue, we’ll help you create exceptional moments – for each and every visitor.
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Global Events

The event everyone is talking about. Welcome athletes and guests in the best conditions and further the magic of your exceptional event. 

Create Exceptional Moments for Your Guests.

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