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The Sustainable Food Barometer 
The 2024 Culinary Report 
The 2023 CSR Report

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  • young people laughing and sharing time together

    Feeding Your Employees’ Need For Engagement

    Employee engagement and retention is waning in today’s workplace. Workers who do not feel engaged, who sometimes become “quiet quitters,” are those who do the minimum required and are psychologically detached from their job. This describes half of the U.S. workforce, says Jim Harter, chief scientist at Gallup.
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    A Seat for Everyone at Sodexo’s Community Table

    A Seat for Everyone at Sodexo’s Community Table.
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    Innovative Coffee Solution for a Modern Modular Workplace Experience

    While just about everything about worklife is changing, one thing has stayed the same: people want their coffee to be convenient and delicious.
  • row90-blog-bi

    The Financial Impacts of Student Retention on College Campuses

    From plant-based nutrition to digital innovations, our corporate blog keeps you up to date on the latest in food, facilities management and much more.
  • row141-blog-cr

    Creating a Diversity of Experiences Through History

    Penn Presbyterian Hospital’s Patient Experience Operations Manager Nina Roulac creates exhibits that highlight diverse experiences.
  • cleaning staff cleaning a door handle

    Sodexo's Expertise and Sensor Technology Reduce FM Burden

    Learn about how Sodexo helped a client with their Facilities Management needs how it is making their business more effective and efficient.
  • people taking picture to some food

    Gen Z's Ideal Workplace

    Gen Z thrives on flexibility and face time. Learn what members of this generation want most from their employers.

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  • man in a field and windmill

    Improve Offshore Wind Farm Worker Safety and Productivity through Nutrition

    Sodexo's Performance Plate program helps offshore workers thrive by supporting their health, stamina and overall well-being.
  • offshore platform

    A New Nutrition Program to Boost Offshore Performance

    Sodexo's Performance Plate program helps offshore workers thrive by supporting their health, stamina and overall well-being.
  • er-blog-futuredownstream

    The Future of Downstream: Raising the Bar on Turnarounds

    The Reuters Downstream Conference brought together industry leaders from companies such as Phillips66, CPChem, PEMEX, Chevron, and others to discuss challenges, solutions, and innovation to make turnarounds and outages more efficient.

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  • table with a basket full of vegetables

    Celebrating Local Sourcing Success in Vermont

    A unique local-sourcing program supports Vermont-based farmers, producers, and distributors.
  • row33-blog-hc

    Enhancing Hospital Efficiency: RDs and Medical Teams

    A new initiative at University Hospital in Brooklyn aims to enhance collaboration between registered dietitians and medical teams.
  • old people making exercise

    Tips for Cardiovascular and Cognitive Health

    This American Heart Month, focus on the importance of cardiovascular and cognitive health, particularly in older adults.

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  • people eating and ver happy

    Sodexo Announces New Partnership with Methodist University to Transform Campus Dining Experience

    Discover how Sodexo's partnership with Methodist University enhances campus dining with innovative services and culinary excellence.
  • fruits in a trash

    Fighting Food Waste in Arizona

    At Sodexo, sustainability is central to our operations. Northern Arizona University leverages Sodexo's WasteWatch to reduce food waste. Read more now.
  • campus-food-students-eating-1240x698

    Empowering Students to Embrace Sustainable Eating

    Learn how Sodexo is paving the way for a more sustainable food landscape through initiatives like the Sustainable Food Barometer and commitments to plant-forward menus on campuses.

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  • picture of vegetable

    Simple Ingredient Swaps for Comfort Food Dishes

    Making gradual changes to children's diets by starting with small swaps can significantly improve nutritional intake and promote healthier eating habits.
  • row35-blog-k12

    Embracing Plant-Based Diets for Heart Health

    Transitioning to a heart-healthy, plant-based diet can be a fun and accessible journey for kids.
  • row34-blog-k12

    How Extreme Diet Culture Harms Kids—And a Healthier Alternative

    From plant-based nutrition to digital innovations, our corporate blog keeps you up to date on the latest in food, facilities management and much more.

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  • row36-blog-sen

    Enhancing Senior Living: Sodexo's Dining Assistance Program

    The Feeding Assistants Program is designed to provide essential support and training to employees who assist with dining in senior living communities.
  • seniors reunited and drinking

    Maximizing Value to Create Exceptional Dining Experiences at CCRCs

    A guide to making the most of your operating budget and ensuring resident satisfaction.
  • seniors men spending time together

    Serving up Meaningful Connections

    Good food puts residents at ease and promotes connections.

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  • row161-blog-cr

    Sodexo Good Eating Company supports sustainable farms

    In Northern California, Sodexo’s Good Eating Company is partnering with BIPOC regenerative farmers to bring fresh, local produce to clients.
  • magician on stage

    NYC Partnership Brings Joy to Local Kids

    Sodexo partners with Win, the largest provider of homeless shelters and supportive housing in NYC, to bring winter fun to the city’s children.
  • dont-throw-it-out-food-waste-cr-blog-1240x698

    Don’t Toss That Food! Learn to Recover and Donate Instead

    Sodexo USA and Stop Hunger Foundation have created a free food recovery and donation guide to help foodservice businesses donate more excess food.

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  • Rising to Success: The Journey of Sodexo Employees at Franklin and Marshall

    Through hard work, exceptional management, and the right resources, six Sodexo employees at Franklin and Marshall College advanced their careers, moving from frontline positions to management roles.
  • Embracing Diversity: Jo’s Journey with Sodexo’s EBRG PRIDE

    Discover Jo’s inspiring journey with Sodexo’s EBRG PRIDE and how her experiences exemplify the importance of celebrating Pride Month and fostering diversity in the workplace.
  • My Sodexo Career Started with an Internship

    The Sodexo Strategic Internship Program has proven to be successful in preparing college students for full-time opportunities at Sodexo.

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