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Academic excellence isn’t the only thing that attracts students; it’s also the student experience. Prospective students consider campus dining, housing, athletics, sustainability and technology. 

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Comprehensive Solutions for Exceptional Higher Education Experiences

Our higher ed dining and facilities management services go beyond the ordinary. We exceed the expectations of students, faculty and staff by providing a wide variety of delicious, convenient dining options wherever and whenever there’s a need. We go beyond the dining hall with mobile ordering, delivery, next-generation vending, exciting retail options and more. Whether students live on campus or commute to class, our flexible meal and snack options offer the perfect solution for everyone. With digital technology, like custom mobile dining apps, contactless payment options and autonomous delivery robots, campus dining has never been easier.  
Our facilities management services create optimal campus environments where students thrive. Proactive maintenance maximizes the life of your campus infrastructure, while custodial and grounds programs ensure that everyone on campus enjoys a safe, comfortable, welcoming environment.

Future-Focused Solutions Adapted to Your Campus 

Campus life has changed; Sodexo leverages deep consumer insights to constantly innovate and adapt our range of services, ensuring we always align with current needs.

Our Services

  • Resident Dining Services  

    Diverse menus evolve with trends while always featuring delicious food that meets every need and preference, helping students and faculty feel at home on campus. 
  • Retail Dining 

    Innovative, tech-enabled retail makes it easy to enjoy fresh, high-quality food and drinks whenever, wherever and however students and faculty prefer. 
  • Athletic Performance Solutions 

    Sodexo’s comprehensive athletic performance solutions help students achieve peak performance through a science-based, clinical approach to nutrition. 
  • Digital Solutions 

    Mobile apps, kiosks, delivery robots and other high-tech tools provide convenient food and drink options for students and faculty anywhere at any time.   
  • Facilities Management 

    Elevate your campus spaces with comprehensive facilities management services that create a clean, safe, comfortable, welcoming environment.  

    Dining That Makes a Difference

    Campus dining is about so much more than delicious food and convenient options. It’s an opportunity to engage your students, help them feel like they belong and make a difference in the community and the world. And since students increasingly report feeling isolated and anxious, it’s crucial to create opportunities to connect and engage with the campus community through dining. 

    Impact Areas

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      Health and Wellness

      Nutritious foods keep students healthy and ready to achieve. For students with unique dietary needs, dining on campus should be easy and stress-free.
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      Sustainability is critical for your campus and a passion among students. We support you with responsible sourcing, emission-reduction strategies and more.
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      Stop Hunger in Your Community

      Food insecurity is a growing concern among college students. Addressing hunger in our communities is a core part of Sodexo’s identity and mission.

    Leading with Purpose

    Sodexo is committed to improving the well-being of individuals, communities and the planet. We prioritize healthy, sustainable products and practices.

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    Love of Food

    Sodexo is driven by a passion for culinary arts. We bring chefs from around the globe together to create menus that inspire and engage students.

    Better Tomorrow 2023

    Everyday actions can have huge impacts on individuals, communities and the environment. Sodexo reflects our values in everything we do.
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    Sustainable Food Barometer

    Students care deeply about the planet but may find it difficult to prioritize sustainable food. We identify and tackle barriers to sustainable eating. 
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    Plant-Based Dining

    Prioritizing plant-based food is an effective way to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. It’s part of our commitment to sustainability.

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