The 2024 Culinary Report: Human connection begins at first bite

Published on : 1/19/24
  • On every level, food brings people together. Self-care begins at the kitchen table and expands to our families and communities. At Sodexo, we offer exemplary dining and hospitality experiences that impact the lives of our clients and guests worldwide. Our 430,000 global employees take our mission of improving the quality of life for 80 million consumers to heart, and at the heart of everything we do is our Love of Food.

    Health and wellness are always top of mind, of course, but so is deliciousness. This year’s Culinary Report contains stories of creative pursuits and culinary excellence the world over, from chefs whose dedication to flavor and human connection is evident in every bite. It’s a highlight reel of the passion and innovation they bring to the table every day.

    From crafting plant-forward and blue food menus using responsibly sourced ingredients to finding new ways to reduce waste in the kitchen and employing other eco-friendly practices.

    Have a seat at the table and dig in to the 2024 Culinary Report.

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