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Focus on the Students, We’ll Do the Rest

Many school districts find they can reach a level they didn’t know was possible, when they are freed from facilities management and food service to focus on their students and academics.

Reach a Level You Didn’t Know Was Possible

We are passionate about education, but we’ll let our work in food service and facilities management for schools, and our 53 years of experience speak for itself. 

"It boiled down to wanting work done better, faster, and for less money. We’ve gotten more work done, better than ever before, and for a very fair price." 
- Dr. Stephen Kleinsmith, Superintendent, Nixa Schools

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Go Above and Beyond

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Explore the Benefits of Contracting with Sodexo

As a school leader with a mountain of duties and challenges, you need a partner that will provide you peace of mind when it comes to your nutrition or buildings & grounds programs. As a world leader in management services, you can rest assured that your programs are being supported with certified experts, custom offers and promotions, enhanced resources, research and insights, and so much more.

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Focus on Your Core Mission and Elevate Performance

School maintenance issues & ineffective food service take away valuable resources from developing students, not only financially, but in terms of time and focus. By focusing on your core strengths, schools find that they are able to dominate the top spots in academics after partnering with Sodexo.

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Student nutrition - a lever for equity

Student Nutrition: A Lever for Equity

Sodexo's robust student nutrition partnerships support district equity goals and promote thriving learning communities.

Learn more about how school nutrition can be a lever for equity

Find Funds to Help Your Team Go Above and Beyond

Across America, dedicated teachers are left to pay for supplies on their own. Get back more time and money to develop your teachers and students. Our tried and true efficiencies help you save money and even increase food service revenues so you can nourish your team with training, provide supplies for learning, and improve the environment.

See how a school in Ralston, NE saved $300,000 with Sodexo

Know That Every Process, System, and Employee Is Dedicated to the Mission

We’re setting patterns, habits, and routines for children to create a high quality of life. We are thinking about where students will be in 5, 10, 15 years, and throughout their lives. This is not just a job for us, this is a mission. With local hearts, hands, and minds serving as Sodexo employees, the children become a part of their family.

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Get Repairs Done Without Hassle with Facility Management Experts

From worn out door hinges, to efficiency technology--we have experts for everything you need. If you’re tired of hounding your crew for repairs, or getting back expensive bids for something simple, let the blue shirts of Sodexo get the job done. Repairs get fixed fast, and on the first try. “We’re on the phone and -snap- they’re there.” Sam Ison, Superintendent, Middletown City Schools

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What Happens to Our Employees? Keep and Grow Your Existing Team

Rest assured that you will have the same people the students and community know, behind the counter serving lunch. Making sure you are in control is essential to our partnership. “We were already looking at making employee cuts, before Sodexo. Sodexo not only kept the people who were here, but increased participation, and added 30 new people.” - Paul Puletti, Superintendent - Hendry County, FL

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Schools Heroes

Our team members are working across regions so communities continue to be served as our nation battles COVID-19. Their efforts are notable not only for the impact they are having on the ground, but also because good news has the power to inspire others.

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Feeding Student Success

As the SodexoMAGIC Cafeteria Manager, Kevin Dyer makes sure the students at Payne Elementary school are fed healthy, delicious meals and snacks.  The way he sees it, though, that’s just part of his job. With many of the students living in challenging circumstances, he’s always there for a hug or high five.

Feeding Student Success Video

Get Students Eating with Delicious Recipes

What happens when you get students eating healthy, varied food with Sodexo food and nutrition services? You decrease hunger, fuel growing bodies and learning minds, increase food sales and government reimbursements, decrease food waste, and save costs on ingredients and disposal.

Straight from the Superintendent:
“Prior to Sodexo we were throwing away 75% of the food we prepared per day. Last year, we went from planning employee cuts, to serving 4000+ more lunches each week and hiring 30 more people this year.”  
- Paul Puletti, Superintendent, Hendry County, FL

Straight from the Principal:
“Our students are happier. More of our students are eating. Last year we were serving 500 meals a day, now we’re serving over 700, because now they like the food.” 
- Roberto Sanchez, Principal, Hendry County, FL

Straight from the Student:
“It’s a lot better than last year. It’s extremely improved. I like it.”
- James Easterwood, Student, Hendry County, FL

Straight from the Server:
“We’ve been doing it the same way for 15 years. Sodexo came in with new recipes. The students love it. We’re not seeing any food thrown away. That’s the best part about it—the students.”
- Carol Rivers, Food Service Worker, Hendry County, FL

Rise with Sodexo: A Systematic Approach to Reopen With Confidence

The safety and security of your employees is essential. Sodexo has a suite of services targeted for your industry and based on our experience here and across the globe. From cleaning surgical suites to food service to concierge services, Sodexo can help you rise with confidence.

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