Sodexo is a leader in helping K-12 schools build stronger, healthier learning communities, elevating student performance, wellbeing, and participation through equitable access and a people and community-focused partnership.

Creating Strong, Growth-Focused Learning Communities

Sodexo Schools works as your team’s go-to resource with the experience, advice, and capabilities to make your jobs easier and your operations smoother. Together, we’re transforming challenges into opportunities – all while keeping people at the heart of everything we do.

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Delivering The Right Partnership For Your Schools

As educators, you help students feed their curiosity, their personal strength, and the potential of their futures. At Sodexo, we support you in your mission, working to build strong foundations for students’ achievement and personal wellness. We also help your operations run more efficiently, save on daily dollars spent, and further support the growth and success of students and staff members. Our comprehensive approach to K-12 dining experiences covers food and nutrition services, building and grounds maintenance, integrating technology, data-backed reporting, and more. Read our overview brochure to see how.

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Building Stronger Foundations

Sodexo cares for the daily management of food and nutrition services, buildings and grounds. That way, you have more freedom to focus on your mission and help students succeed. Here are some of the ways we can help.

Enjoyable & Nutritious Food Experiences

Tasty, globally inspired food that students actually want to eat, made with fresh ingredients. Well-rounded, age-appropriate nutrition served with engaging programs like foodIE to build a foundation for a lifetime of well-being and productive community involvement.

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Safety, Health & Well-being

Solutions to ensure a safe, healthy, and confident school experience with a focus on preventive programs that proactively reduce infection risk and promote well-being. Maintaining an environment that enables present, engaged students, teachers, and staff.

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Convenience Extended Experiences

Convenient, essential food options and lifestyle initiatives that support students and extend access to resources and proper nutrition wherever they learn.

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Solutions to Fight Food Insecurity

Initiatives to end nutritional barriers to student success. Ensuring students are well fed no matter their social or economic environment.

Learn more about solutions to fight food insecurity

Digital Engagement

Digital and technology-driven ordering, social engagement, and analytics. Our people-driven approach to building tech like in-school screens (UpShow), and apps like SoHappy, help students and staff get more information and experience more interactions while enhancing convenience.

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Working Together To Support Every Student’s Journey

It takes a village – more than that, it takes a community. Sodexo enters schools with congruency and continuity in mind, taking the excellent experiences you’ve built for students and supporting them with resources that can help your learning community soar. Leave things like repairs, maintenance, food service, and more, to us. That way, you can focus on helping your students get started with their best foot forward.

Testimonials: Straight From The Students

From all of us at Sodexo, thank you for trusting us to help make lunchtime more fun and delicious.