Paid internships are offered in the fall, spring and summer across our 13,000 locations as well as limited hybrid and remote opportunities. Sodexo Student Impact interns come from numerous areas of study to support local hospitals, corporations, schools, senior living centers, universities, and our own internal operations.  We see value in many different majors, but some of our favorites include: 

Why Sodexo?

Hands-On Project Experience

Applicants to Sodexo Student Impact have excelled in the classroom and are ready to gain experience in the workplace. You’ll have exposure to operating areas across the business and gain experience with hands-on projects. Make a real business impact and finish ready to excel as a future Sodexo employee.

Professional Development

Besides hands-on project experience, you’ll have access to career coaching and multiple opportunities to interact with senior level leaders. You’ll work with other interns from across the country and gain exposure to Sodexo’s global operations.

Find Your Path