Our core values are not just written on a brochure. They are funded commitments and public corporate diversity goals, which our dedicated staff carefully track, report and reach. For us, it is a very tangible vision, and the information here will explain our values and help you connect with us by registering as a small and diverse supplier. We also support our internal team by providing a database to search small and diverse businesses.

Sodexo publicly committed to having an inclusive supply chain around the world as part of our Better Tomorrow Plan. 

Sodexo Named 2023 America’s Top Corporation for Women’s Business Enterprises

Sodexo recognition as a 2023 America’s Top Corporation for Women’s Business Enterprises by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council. The 2023 America's Top Corporations for WBEs award honors those corporations that have demonstrated a continuous and growing commitment to creating business opportunities for women-owned businesses within their supply chains. This is the third year Sodexo has won this prestigious award.

Sodexo is honored to be recognized as one of WBENC 2023 America’s Top Corporation for Women’s Business Enterprises, SVP and CPO Supply Management, Sodexo North America Dave Kourie said. We recognize the importance and commitment to the inclusion of women-owned businesses toward our diversity goals. We appreciate WBENC’s partnership and collaboration with us, as well as their support to certify these women entrepreneurs and business owners. We look forward to continuing to work together to fuel the growth of women-owned businesses in the coming years.

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How We Support Diverse Businesses Working with Sodexo

Supporting diverse businesses is the responsibility of everyone within Sodexo. Our Supplier Diversity Team works with our Supply Managers to source diverse products and services to be used throughout our supply chain. We have regionally based Account Managers assist operations in optimizing procurement and opportunities for local,

For Diverse and Small Businesses

We are actively seeking small and diverse businesses to support us in providing innovative solutions for our clients. When you register with Sodexo, your information will be sent directly to the supply team in charge of your product category for consideration regarding current and future opportunities.

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How We Define Diverse and Small Suppliers

A “diverse vendor” is defined as a business 51% owned and controlled by one or more diverse U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents, including minority (African American, Hispanic American, Asian American or Native American), Disabled, LGBTQ+, Veteran, Service-Disabled Veteran,

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Third Party Certification

If registering as a minority, woman, disability-owned business enterprise, veteran, service-disabled veteran, or lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender owned business Sodexo desires that all vendors to be 3rd party certified by a national NGO or city, county and state.

3rd party certification document

Second Tier Reporting

To further our commitment to diversity throughout the sourcing and supply chain process, Sodexo has implemented a strategy for 2nd tier reporting. We require our contracted suppliers to honor their commitment to diversity by reporting 2nd tier direct and indirect spend on a quarterly basis. Our contracted suppliers’ commitment to diverse supplier inclusion is what makes our multi-tier program

Our Awards

We are proud of the work we have done to increase local purchasing and diversity. It’s good to raise awareness about diversity and the strength of our small businesses, it’s another thing to be awarded for your efforts... eleven times.

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