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Supporting diverse communities means providing nutritious dining to support the individual, recognizing cultural preferences, social determinants of health, and the unique needs of students, patients, and residents. National Nutrition Month is our opportunity to salute the dietitians and other Sodexo experts who deliver exceptional services all year – working with diverse suppliers, executing sustainable practices, and ensuring the health of not only our consumers but also our planet and the communities in which we work. 

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Emphasizing Healthier Food in the Big Apple

Hear from Kate MacKenzie, Executive Director of the New York City Mayor's Office of Food Policy, as she discusses the city's proactive efforts to address community health.

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Sports Nutrition for Kids: Fueling Young Athletes

Explore six essential tips you can share with student athletes to help them make nutritious choices, supporting their growth and performance on and off the field.

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Enhancing Hospital Efficiency: RDs and Medical Teams

University Hospital in Brooklyn embraces a collaboration approach called Coffee Talks, which aims to cultivate interdisciplinary teamwork between RDs and medical teams.

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What the Research Says About Nutrition's Role in Dementia Prevention

The number of people affected by dementia is rapidly rising. See what research findings suggest about the role of nutrition in the prevention and management of dementia.

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Empowering Dietitians: Sodexo Healthcare's Career Ladder

Sodexo Healthcare's groundbreaking initiative, the Clinical Nutrition Professional Career Ladder, is designed to facilitate the growth of dietitians throughout their career journeys.

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Embracing Plant-Based Diets for Heart Health

Contrary to common belief, kids can thrive on a plant-based diet without risking malnourishment. Discover how to make plant-powered eating a more accessible journey for children.

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Sodexo's Feeding Assistants Program

Sodexo Seniors' Feeding Assistants program is designed to provide essential support and training to employees who assist with dining in senior living communities.

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Fighting Food Insecurity in Schools

1 in 6 kids in America is at risk of hunger. Learn how Sodexo teams and dietitians are making an impact to fight hunger with school meals and meal pack programs.

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Careers in Nutrition: A Q&A

Sodexo Healthcare Vice President of Clinical Nutrition, Julie Branham, MS, RD, LDN, tells about her career philosophies and how she loves to foster the development of young RDNs.

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The Truth Behind Supplements for Athletes

Supplements are popular among athletes for building muscle and improving performance. But there are many misconceptions about supplements. We're busting some popular myths.

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Plant-based diets? Where do I begin?

Interested in eating more plant-based foods? You're not alone. We review the basics and outline some foods you can try — all while still meeting your nutrient needs.

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Building Satisfying Plant-Based Meals

Have you decided to eat more plant-based meals but are unsure where to start? Follow these tips to help you build plant-based menus that keep you energized throughout the day.

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