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Empowerment Over Eating Disorders

As many as 30 million Americans will suffer from an eating disorder at some point in their life. So, what can you do to be informed, keep from developing one, and what is recovery like?

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Building Satisfying Plant-Based Meals

Have you decided to eat more plant-based meals but are unsure where to start? Follow these tips and tricks to help you build plant-based menus that keep you energized and satisfied throughout the day.

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Plant-based diets? Where do I begin?

Interested in eating more plant-based foods? You are not alone. In our first of a two-part series on plant-based diets, we will review the basics and outline some foods you can try — all while still meeting your nutrient needs.

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Personalizing Student Nutrition at Balsz Elementary School District

This Sodexo food service team emphasizes the need to celebrate student diversity by creating nutritious meals that reflect individual cultural and personal food preferences, as well as engaging children and staff in a variety of culinary educational opportunities and projects.

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Fighting COVID-19 with Nutrition Support

COVID-19 presented new challenges for care, inspiring dietitians to develop and implement skills and innovations for nutrition support.

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Dietitian Spotlight: Molly Mills, RD

Meeting with patients virtually has become a vital and life-changing development for nutrition support.

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Understanding and Promoting Nutrition and Health Equity

Health disparities based on race, gender, or sexual identity are detrimental to all patients, especially marginalized groups. Sodexo’s Cordialis Msora-Kasago, MA, RD, explains the opportunities we have to foster equity.

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Therapeutic Hospitality Supports Resident Nutrition and Wellness

Caring for seniors with dementia and mild cognitive impairment requires a holistic, person-centered approach — engaging residents and ensuring proper nutrition.

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All Hands on Deck: Dining Assistance Training for Non-Dietetic Teams

Training for non-nursing teams led by registered dietitians leverages dietetic expertise and enhances the performance of community staff.

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Recruiting RDN Top Talent

As the leading employer of RDNs in North America, Sodexo recruits top talent. Natalie discusses her passion for recruiting dietitians and tips for entering the field.

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Supporting Food Insecurity with Emergency Food Kits

Teams are fighting food insecurity with nutritious meal kits and providing resources to continue to support patients outside the four walls of the hospital.

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