We’re committed to improving the quality of life of the people we serve. But it wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of our team members. Below are the stories of just some of these people. They are from all areas of our company and all walks of life. What they have in common, however, is that they embody the ideals our company strives to meet every day. And they demonstrate what we can achieve when we bring out the best in each other.

Go Above and Beyond

Thinking Beyond the Plate to Help Students Succeed

Pouring his life-long passion for farming into his work at Gonzaga University, Sodexo Resident District Manager Pat Clelland touches lives on and off-campus. His unwavering commitment to “provide more than food,” combined with his collaborative spirit, has helped Gonzaga reach its local, fairness and sustainability goals ahead of schedule. See what he brings to school every day.

Thinking Beyond the Plate to Help Students Succeed video

Improving Nutrition One Heart At A Time

Sodexo Registered Dietitian Nicole Roach knows she’s improving cardiac patients’ lives when they leave South Nassau Communities Hospital and don’t return. By that metric alone, she’s been successful. The readmission rate of Nicole’s wellness program patients approaches zero. See how she touches patients’ lives.

Improving Nutrition One Heart At A Time video

Feeding Student Success

Unique. Happy. Telepathic. Those are just some of the words students at Payne Elementary use to describe Kevin Dyer, Cafeteria Manager, SodexoMagic. With many homeless kids attending the school, Kevin embraces the awesome responsibility of feeding them up to three meals a day – and is always there for a high-five or hug. See what he brings to the table and how much he gets back in return.

Feeding Student Success video

The Culinary MVP for the Big Game

Centerplate’s Executive Chef Dayanny de la Cruz is the first female chef to host the Super Bowl. But that’s not why she thinks it's special she's hosting sports' biggest night at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium. “It should be special because we’re in Miami,” she says. “It should be special because I’m able to touch guests in a different way because of where I come from.”

The Culinary MVP for the Big Game video