Today’s multi-generational workforce expects a productive, engaging, enjoyable workplace. Companies that want to bring out the best in their workforce take a holistic approach to the employee experience. As part of Sodexo’s Benefits & Rewards Services, Inspirus can provide you with tools and solutions that empower and engage at every step of the employee journey.

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Engaging Your Most Precious Asset

A company’s most precious asset is its people. That’s why the most successful organizations are people focused and culture driven. Engaging your workforce with employee-driven experiences is vital in today’s transparent, competitive market. So how can you engage employees and impact their quality of life? Through services that ensure they feel valued and understand the purpose of the work that they do on an ongoing basis.

Our desire is to have people feel a genuine sense of belonging, inclusion, and appreciation—which gives them a sense of purpose in the work they do. Inspirus can help you provide programmatic solutions in employee engagement focused on recognition, service anniversaries, well-being and diversity, equity and inclusion that will: increase understanding and knowledge through micro-learning courses, promote diversity awareness, celebrate accomplishments and build community. Our flexible solution combines what we know about creating great employee experiences and meeting business needs into a cohesive, expansive platform that can unlock the potential of your people.

Move Your Business Forward

In this competitive landscape, people managers need better insight into key aspects of the workforce. Analytics are critical in helping companies move forward, engage their workforce, provide oversight and adapt quickly. The Inspirus Insights analytics suite drives meaningful ROI and makes sharing workforce data easy and impactful by delivering actionable improvement opportunities and a holistic view of the experiences that drive employee engagement, retention and performance. Explore the comprehensive solution that correlates recognition and reward initiatives with broader HR and corporate plans such as improving retention, increasing performance, reducing cost per hire, and influencing productivity gains through higher levels of employee engagement.

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