A better tomorrow depends on what we do today. Since 1966, corporate responsibility has been at the heart of what we do. Our clients and suppliers can rely on our experience to help them achieve their own sustainability goals. We make our impacts on society and the environment through everyday interactions. We aspire for a better tomorrow.

U.S. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report

“A Better Tomorrow: 2023 Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report” shares our Better Tomorrow commitments and stories highlighting achievements in our key focus areas: carbon reduction, plant-based eating, food waste, food insecurity and social impact, including Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. This is our third annual report, covering fiscal year 2023. 

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Our Commitments to a Better Tomorrow

Better Tomorrow 2025 is our global corporate responsibility strategy that helps us use what we do best to make positive contributions to society and the environment — and to help our clients to do the same.

It outlines nine interconnected commitments we’ve made to leverage our roles as employer, service provider and corporate citizen to achieve positive impact for individuals, communities and the environment.

Everything we do should add up to a better tomorrow. Our road map propels our action and frames our progress on the most material issues so we can use our unique position to make a difference. It is in alignment with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, and we support the global effort for a more equitable world.


View accessible version of Better Tomorrow 2025 roadmap.


These nine commitments may be displayed in boxes, but we don’t think of them in silos. Each impact area is separate so that we can set clear targets against individual goals, and so that you can hold us accountable for meeting them. We invite you to learn more about what’s inside these boxes on our website and in our reporting.

In practice and in life, we know these boxes are all linked. In fact, you can’t have one without the others. They’re interdependent , just like our sustainable practices are woven into how we engage with our clients, supply partners and communities.


Our Progress

We track and report our actions and progress toward our commitments. Beyond our Better Tomorrow 2025 commitments, we also track our progress on more than 20 topics, including: employee engagement and working conditions, diversity and gender balance, sustainable and responsible sourcing, our environmental footprint and our impact on communities. Sodexo’s proprietary Site Engagement and Assessment (SEA) for a Better Tomorrow tool allows us to track and report progress at the site level, deliver client sustainability dashboards, and enables managers to implement best practices.

Each year, our Internal Audit team and our Third Party Statutory Auditors review all the data collected to ensure its accuracy. This process helps us identify risks, weak signals, market trends and client and consumer expectations to better embed sustainability practices in our activities.


The Better Tomorrow Community of Practice

Each and every employee has a role in implementing best practices that reflect our corporate commitments. From preventing waste to eliminating unnecessary packaging, sourcing responsibly and offering healthy lifestyle choices, we aim to integrate Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility across our culture.   

The Better Tomorrow Community of Practice (BTC) includes hundreds of employee volunteers, referred to as Subject Matter Enthusiasts (SMEs), spanning across our business segments. Their work is supported by the Better Tomorrow Leadership Committee, whose mission has expanded from environmental sustainability to broader Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Nutrition Health and Wellbeing practices.    

Sodexo recognizes employee participation in the BTC through our Better Tomorrow Certification Program. This internal, industry-leading certification program allows members to formalize their expertise and credibility as a Certified Better Tomorrow Professional (Tier 1) or a Certified Better Tomorrow Associate (Tier 2) to better support the needs of our clients and customers.


Key Highlights

Want to learn about our progress globally? We invite you to view our Global Non-Financial Key Figures Report or Global Non-Financial Key Figures Accessible Document.

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Sustainable, Responsible and Equitable Solutions

Creating a better tomorrow requires concrete action, behavior change, measurement and an understanding of what works. We do this by drawing on expertise across our global and multisector business.

Because so much of our work with clients is behind the scenes, it’s not always easy to see. We design and deliver sustainable, responsible solutions so that our clients can be CSR leaders. From sustainability novice to award-winning CSR expert, we meet our clients’ current needs while helping them achieve their missions and long-term CSR goals.

When clients, employees, supplier partners, investors and consumers share a common desire to make a positive contribution to society and the environment, we can do more good – together.

Your Goals + Our Solutions = A Better Tomorrow  


Our Focus

Our current Better Tomorrow 2025 strategy is not our first; in 2009 we unveiled our initial corporate responsibility road map. We continually reassess, in step with business changes and stakeholder feedback. Our process? We identify and rank the issues, according to their impacts, through interviews and surveys with employees, clients and suppliers. Our research helps shape our road map.

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