Sodexo’s food and catering programs are inspiring, from the creativity that goes into every dish we prepare, to the deep culinary knowledge of our chefs. We prepare local, fresh, and healthy foods that taste delicious and enhance our guests’ experience whether they are at a sporting event or their school cafeteria.

Creating Customized Food and Dining Experiences

Eating on a rig in the middle of the Texas Gulf Coast and serving a varsity college athlete are not only vastly different dining experiences, but also require different ingredients and nutrients in the menu. Sodexo understands the often complex needs of each of our clients and creates unique programs to meet their needs.

Make the Eating Experience Memorable

We create university dining halls that routinely make top 10 lists, we are redefining hospital food, we get picky 8-year-olds to eat happily, while also serving gold medal athletes and lovers at the top of the Eiffel tower. We make each dining experience special by watching what’s new in food, and by thinking about our guest’s expectations and finding ways to surpass them.

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Recruit Top Culinary Talent Who Care About Service

Our search for top talent goes beyond a love of beautiful food and fresh ingredients, we find people who care about the entire dining experience. Our menu design often approaches food not only as fuel, but as therapy, and a way to connect community. As one of our chefs says, “I don’t feel like I’m cooking for guests, I feel like I am cooking for and educating my extended family.”

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Choose the Right Nutrition for Every Body

As one of the world’s largest employer of dietitians we believe that getting the right nutrients, vitamins, and energy makes a big difference in how our bodies and minds perform. Whether we are customizing a menu by connecting to a patient’s electronic medical records, or creating different meals for each grade level in schools, we know that you’re your dietary needs change throughout life.

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Reduce Food Waste Globally, Source Locally

Fighting food (and packaging) waste through smart sourcing and diner education not only saves money, but also reflects Sodexo’s commitment to sustainability. We start by sourcing local ingredients to reduce our carbon footprint and increase flavor and as part of our daily routine we capture food waste data and train employees with the WasteWatch program.

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Thinking Beyond the Plate to Help Students Succeed

Pat Clelland, Sodexo Resident District Manager at Gonzaga University, connects local farmers, students, faculty and staff to make “farm to fork” a reality and help the school reach its local, fairness and sustainability goals ahead of schedule. Learn about his innovative approach to feeding a campus.

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