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Improve Patient and Employee Quality of Life

The world’s most noble work also receives the most critical eye. The work and unsung details in healthcare not only affect the quality of life for millions, but can also mean life or death. From the food that is served, to the cleanliness of the halls, the quiet details are where we shine.

Hospital Retail Comeback Plan

Sodexo Healthcare’s Retail Comeback Plan is to safely and sustainably reopen retail shops and cafeterias at client hospitals. Working with hospital partners, we have solutions to keep the risk of transmission low for clinicians, staff, patients and visitors as we continue to live in the COVID environment.


From rearranging cafeteria settings to doubling down on safety communication, learn how Sodexo is adapting retail services to support hospitals managing COVID-19.

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Go Above and Beyond

Reset | Restore | Revitalize

While many businesses have shut their doors due to COVID-19, hospitals have remained open and busier than ever. However, the business of healthcare is not what it used to be, and won’t return to pre-COVID normalcy for likely a few years. Learn about Sodexo Healthcare’s relaunch strategy to ensure consistent care for patients, clinicians and staff while the rest of the world reopens.

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Save Lives with Infection Control

In addition to the impact on mortality and morbidity, high infection rates increase costs of care (longer lengths of stay) and trigger penalties from Medicare and Medicaid. Hospital rating websites impact reputations by publicizing and contextualizing data. Do more to keep your patients and hospital safe by combining tools and technology with research and real outcomes to prevent infections.

Keep patients safe with Protecta

Healthcare Heroes

We are so proud of the Sodexo teams who have shown resilience, optimism, and innovation while continuing to serve their communities during this time. With a breadth of experience and expertise in our teams, Sodexo has been able to support by building surge hospitals, creating micromarkets for essential groceries, and using EVS equipment to disinfect personal items for clinicians and staff.

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Treat Food as Therapy

The right foods can keep your healing on course and supply your body with the nutrients it needs. Our comprehensive nutrition management system ensures delicious meals appropriate to an individual patient’s treatment, nutritional needs, allergies, and lifestyle choices.

Serve individualized meals with Patient Dining

Keep your Equipment Up and Running

Your medical equipment diagnoses, monitors and treats your patients. Ensure that your devices are functioning optimally whenever your clinicians need them, and properly stored and disinfected after they use them.

Streamline with Clinical Engineering

Sodexo RD Makes an Impact at South Nassau Communities Hospital

Sodexo Registered Dietitian Nicole Roach helps patients at South Nassau Communities Hospital understand how nutrition can improve their health. Her leadership with South Nassau’s Cardiac Wellness Program, working with former patients to develop healthy diets, has helped the hospital reduce its patient re-admission rate. Roach appreciates that her work impacts people’s lives.

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Rise with Sodexo: A Systematic Approach to Reopen With Confidence

The safety and security of your employees is essential. Sodexo has a suite of services targeted for your industry and based on our experience here and across the globe. From cleaning surgical suites to food service to concierge services, Sodexo can help you rise with confidence.

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