Improve patient and employee quality of life. Our relentless pursuit of the data and science behind exceptional patient outcomes and employee experiences — spanning clinical nutrition, environmental services, infection prevention and healthcare technology management — frees you to concentrate on what you do best: putting your patients first.

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Sodexo is committed to powering human care and improving quality of life. We are looking for startups across the world to collaborate and make innovation thrive. The Sodexo Healthcare and Seniors Accelerator provides the opportunity to test your future-facing solution at top hospitals and healthcare systems in the country.


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Food Insecurity Solutions to Support Community Health

Healthcare systems play an important role in the overall health and well-being of the communities they serve. Sodexo collaborates with healthcare systems across the country to develop initiatives that address food insecurity by increasing access to food and create more health equity.


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Our Services

Clinicia™ — Evidence-based Clinical Nutrition for Improved Outcomes

Clinicia™ is the only evidence-based approach to patient nutrition powered by the latest emerging science from around the globe, administered by Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) operating at the top of their credentials and guided by a national nutrition leadership team. See how Sodexo’s expertise in the therapy of diets can mean faster recovery and increased time between readmissions.

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Nutrition and Wellness Center by Sodexo

At the Nutrition and Wellness Center, our 100% remote Registered Dietitian Nutritionists can assess and diagnose patients, customize treatment plans and monitor patient progress. By partnering with us, physicians can help their patients successfully manage a wide range of nutritional needs regardless of location, schedule or insurance coverage.

Support your patients with telenutrition

Meet the Nutritional Needs of Your Patients

Provide your patients the proper meals with the proper nutrition based on their specific conditions. Our educated and trained Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) have advanced expertise in nutrition therapy and how food plays an integral role in your patients’ recovery. This individualized, evidence-based nutritional program is scalable and adaptable to fit your needs.

Meet our expert Registered Dietitian Nutritionists

Environmental Services and Infection Control

Keep your patients and healthcare facility safe by utilizing our tools, technology, research and real outcomes to prevent hospital-acquired infections. In addition to the impact on mortality and morbidity, lower infection rates lower your costs of care through shorter lengths of stay, while helping you avoid penalties from Medicare and Medicaid and protecting your reputation.

Explore superior surface and floor cleaning solutions for your healthcare facility

A Protecta® Clean Healthcare Facility

When you become a Protecta clean healthcare facility, you make a clear promise to your patients, your employees, federal health officials and all your most important stakeholders: Your healthcare facility is enhanced with environmental infection prevention that far surpasses standard cleaning and disinfecting methods.

Explore this proven solution in the fight against hospital-acquired infections

Healthcare Technology Management (HTM)

Integrated technologies and the proactive management and maintenance of your biomedical and imaging assets helps you avoid unnecessary and expensive downtime. Expert staff from Sodexo can analyze and service equipment from all major brands, ensuring capital expenditures are objectively assessed and necessary, while identifying potential security breaches before they widely impact patient care.

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Experiencia® Features

Experiencia is a proprietary, evidence-based platform that allows for the true customization of the patient experience throughout their care journey. Through augmented Intelligence and predictive insights from patient arrival to discharge, you get a better understanding of each patient's individual needs and wants so you can deliver the best possible care at every touchpoint.

Unlock a deeper understanding of each patient for improved outcomes

Facilities Management Services

Ensuring your healthcare facility is without disruption is critical for your business. Sodexo’s Facilities Management Services help manage your facility more efficiently and effectively through preventative maintenance, regulatory compliance, asset and energy management, capital planning, procurement and vendor management.

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Patient Transport Services

Increase efficiency, free your clinical staff to focus on patient care and positively impact the overall perception of quality throughout your healthcare system. Our employee service training ensures your patients experience the best possible care during these vital moments. Avoid accidents, high replacement costs and even lawsuits, enjoy higher employee engagement and patient satisfaction scores.

Make your patient transport a safe, seamless service

Laundry and Linen Management

Drive unnecessary costs out of your laundry operations with state-of-the-art technology, proven management techniques, sound training practices and high safety standards. Data-driven insights show usage trends that can translate to substantial cost savings over time, and staff members are trained to use your equipment correctly with disinfectants, which leads to an improved recovery experience.

Drive unnecessary costs out of your laundry operations

Healthcare Solutions at the Speed of Life

Informed by a wealth of science-based data and insights, you’ll have practical, customized solutions that allow you to rise to every challenge at a rapid pace. Healthcare staff burnout. COVID-19 and variant surges. The rise of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). Ever-evolving healthcare tech. An increasing desire of patients to know how their food is being sourced and served. Adapt to exactly how healthcare must be delivered at any given moment, keeping your processes in compliance and your reputation intact.

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