More than ever, senior living communities are helping people live life to its fullest, empowering them to thrive. As a result, today’s older adults expect elevated experiences and better service. Doing more to improve your community can make all the difference between an average resident experience and an elevated one. As the senior living industry becomes increasingly competitive, communities need to do more to engage residents and keep them satisfied and safe. Sodexo Seniors can partner with you to do that.

At Sodexo Seniors, we partner with you to keep your community moving forward. Our deeply caring staff are highly qualified and committed to providing an exceptional dining and hospitality experience for your residents. By partnering with us, you will also discover greater operational efficiency with savings in procurement, production, and labor management. Our $8 billion global supply chain provides communities with more choices, buying power, and stability. Moreover, you and your residents will see an elevated standard of quality in everything we help you do.

What Do Elevated Experiences and Services Look Like with Sodexo Seniors?


We have extensive experience in delivering elevated experiences across the care spectrum: independent living, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing. This allows us to curate a personalized plan for your community.

Inspiring Wellness, Choice and Delight

We believe each meal should be inspired. To that end, a great dining experience requires a foundation of strong culinary commitments, matched with an unabating passion and agility to raise the bar on resident engagement. This includes:


Exceptional attention to detail and a commitment to provide high-quality and fresh meals. Menus that feature a robust rotation of seasonal recipes that include locally sourced produce and ingredients.


A variety of crafted recipes informed by data across multiple generations and geographies of consumer taste preferences. Wellness seeking residents enjoy Mindful by Sodexo, a portfolio of recipes specifically designed to provide healthy eating and transparency of ingredients.


Highly skilled dietitians who provide healthy outcomes for seniors. Nutrition and dietary requirements are built into our menu foundation for resident care management of chronic diseases and other health needs.


Talented chefs who provide their expertise and embody an authentic passion for culinary excellence and a strong commitment to resident engagement. Our chefs take great care that the food we serve is nourishing, safe, and high quality.


Digital platforms for community signage and menu accessibility via desktop, mobile app or Alexa. Technology to facilitate resident ordering, consumption patterns, benchmarking and real-time monitoring of resident satisfaction.


Sustainability is the core of our corporate responsibility mission. For more than 15 consecutive years, Sodexo had the highest score in its sector as ranked by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. We favor ingredients that are unprocessed, fresh, local, and responsibly sourced.

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