Today’s seniors expect elevated experiences and better service. Are your dining and hospitality services up to par? Turn an average resident experience into an elevated one. Sodexo Seniors can engage your residents with an array of delicious meals that will elevate their senses and exceed their expectations.

Your goal is to help seniors live life to its fullest, and partnering with Sodexo Seniors allows you to achieve that. Our thoughtful staff are highly qualified and committed to providing exceptional dining and hospitality experiences for your residents.  

We have a wealth of experience in delivering elevated experiences across the care spectrum: independent living, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing. As your partner, we’ll create a custom plan for you community.

Give Your Residents an Elevated Dining and Hospitality Experience


Delicious recipes made with fresh nutritious ingredients


A customized, personal approach to dining and hospitality services


Nutrition and dietary requirements are the foundation of our menus to manage chronic diseases and other health needs of residents

Talented Chefs and Dietary Experts

Chefs collaborate with dietary experts to design menus that address seniors’ special needs


Technology that facilitates convenience and resident feedback


A dining program that encompasses cost management, waste reduction, supply chain efficiencies, and sustainability

Discover our customizable program for residents experiencing cognitive decline.

Raise the bar: Contact us to learn more about how Sodexo Seniors can help you elevate dining and hospitality experiences in your community.