Increase Engagement While Staying on Top of Trends

Sodexo Seniors provides resources to enhance the resident experience and encourage employee engagement in your senior living community. We stay on top of evolving trends and implement those that will help move your community forward. 

We can take your dining and hospitality to the next level. Our personalized strategies and global culinary expertise will transform your entire program. And your employees and your residents will benefit from our decades of experience in senior dining. We also have an $8 billion supply chain that provides more choices, stability, and buying power for your community.

Sodexo Seniors will provide you with a properly managed dining system from food procurement to the dining experience. We help eliminate the stress of coordinating and executing the countless details yourself, which allows you to focus on delivering exceptional care and service to your residents and their families.

Working Together to Adapt and Thrive

When you collaborate with Sodexo Seniors, you don’t just get a food services company, you get a partner. We work with our clients to create dining and hospitality programs that feature a curated menu of nutrient-dense selections and fresh ingredients that are scientifically linked to promoting brain health. Our team can also adapt the cuisine to meet different levels of cognitive ability to preserve dignity and independence.

Adaptable Programs

We provide flexible, scalable programs and expansive resources. Our experienced managers know how to implement and adapt their dining programs to keep up with trends, tastes, and expectations within your community.

A True Partner

The Sodexo Seniors team works with you, serving as a supportive partner to help you achieve and maintain quality and resident satisfaction. At the same time, we’re building your capabilities to provide the structure you need for future success.

Thinking Ahead

Our employees receive regular updates and training on industry trends. And our managers communicate with each other often, brainstorming new ideas and sharing what works, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Caring for Our Planet

Our energy management and operational sustainability programs help you reduce energy costs and enhance your community.


Contact us to learn how our expansive resources and insights will help you grow your community and move it successfully into the future.