As residents and their families’ needs evolve, communities must provide person-centered care that helps residents thrive independently to their highest capability. For the growing number of residents with cognitive impairment, chronic health issues, or other nutrition concerns, we enable an expert-informed, holistic approach that enhances positive outcomes through dining and hospitality experiences.


Evidence-based Clinical Nutrition & Care Expertise

We empower teams with solutions shaped by seniors-focused experts to create innovative therapeutic dining experiences, nutrition care programs, and more.  

Delivering impact requires deep relationships and working in close collaboration with specialists, including: 


Teams that Are Deeply Committed to Care Make the Difference

Person-centered care and an integrated community experience are cornerstones that help residents thrive. Putting people’s interests first and building strong interpersonal relationships is ingrained in the way we support communities and engage with residents.  

At Sodexo Seniors, we cultivate purpose-driven staff with a focus on care and responsibility, training, and equipping them with tools to meaningfully connect and support residents across all levels of care.

Key Areas of Focus

Clinical Nutrition & Regulatory Support

Proactively managing and optimizing nutrition is of chief importance for aging adults (50% of new residents are likely to struggle with malnutrition and multiple comorbidities). We focus on empowering residents with diet and nutritional programs that support individual needs, along with operational tools to train teams on nutritional standards, quality assurance, and regulatory preparedness.

B Integrated Dining & Therapeutic Hospitality™

Rooted in science and expert insights, our B Integrated Dining & Therapeutic Hospitality™ program provides an enhanced dining experience engineered for communities serving people with mild cognitive impairment and early-stage dementia. We take a holistic approach to benefit residents within independent and assisted living settings and across all levels of care.

Wellness Management

Residents focused on wellness are a growing population. Our programs enhance a community’s focus on transparency of ingredients and locally sourced foods that support health and wellness. Resident education includes expert-led wellness talks and nutrition guidance to encourage and support residents in taking an active role in staying healthy.

Re-thinking Dementia

Dementia will become a crucial public health issue in the next 20 years. Everyday actions can make an enormous difference in the face of the major public health issue of dementia. Read Sodexo’s new research to impact the older adults and care communities we serve, to pave the path to a better tomorrow.

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