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Protect Your Community's Peace of Mind

In the uncertain times of COVID-19, social distancing and isolation are critical to protecting the health of your residents. Limiting resident travel and external deliveries are smart ways to reduce exposure risk. Grocery2Go from Sodexo is ready to help. This on-site market empowers you to provide the essential groceries your community needs and the peace of mind residents and their families desire.

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Convenient On-Site Grocery Shopping

Grocery2Go gives your residents and staff easy access to everyday grocery staples without leaving your community. They can quickly pick up quality food, produce, snacks and more, so they can remain self-sufficient and safe.

Safety. Selection. Social Distancing.

Seniors understand how important social distancing is right now. They know it protects them, their friends, and their families. Grocery2Go reduces deliveries from external vendors and allows residents to get what they need while staying safely away from large public grocery stores and potential COVID-19 exposure. This helps optimize your community health security efforts while maintaining quality of life.

Graphic: Reassurance to family members. Availability of supply. Improved resident safety.


Learn more about how this solution can help your operations


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