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Welcome to Reconnexions

Your career path may have led you outside of Sodexo, but you can stay connected through our exclusive Alumni network. Members have access to professional development opportunities, member-only events and job opportunities not available to external candidates.

Sodexo’s Alumni Network

Why Join Reconnexions?

Stay Connected

Reconnexions connects you to past and present Sodexo colleagues, as well as opportunities, resources and a network of talented professionals to help you advance your career.

Professional Development

Sodexo supports your continuous learning with a variety of opportunities to add to your existing knowledge, acquire new skills and prepare you for future opportunities.

More Access to Opportunities

As alumni, you’re familiar with our culture and are in a unique position to hit the ground running. Reconnexions members have access to 10% more jobs than you’ll find in the external career center.

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Text SODEXO to 972-11 to learn about jobs in your area

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