A central kitchen model provides fresh, scratch-made meals to serve a large and diverse schools system, with approximately 25,000 students, about 5,000 employees, and more than 60 schools. Local ingredients, waste-conscious production, and a focus on nutritious meals combine for delicious dining for students and staff.

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Our Central Kitchen Model

Scratch Cooking

Springfield Public Schools utilizes a 60,000 square foot culinary center, where the focus is on the art of scratch cooking and baking, providing students with wholesome, flavorful meals. Here culinarians craft breakfasts and lunches using quality ingredients, promoting a healthier and more satisfying dining experience for all.

Local and Sustainable

Local ingredients support local businesses and food waste is repurposed to fertilize local farms. With the bounty of Massachusetts-grown ingredients, Springfield Public Schools is dedicated to fostering a sustainable and community-centric approach by utilizing local ingredients and eco-friendly practices in meal preparation.


By centrally locating the school district’s meal production, Springfield cuts food waste down to a fraction, centralizes food sourcing, and allows for consistency in food quality.