Sodexo helps ministries and agencies find new and better ways to support their missions. We support innovation for military management services that is purposeful, thoughtful, and methodical – in order to deliver expected outcomes while controlling costs and risks. Sodexo’s quality of life approach to innovation is guided by mission requirements, consumer preferences, performance metrics and data-driven adaptation. Our goal for innovation is the same as yours: to align to your key priorities and challenges whether that be education, health and fitness or recruitment and retention of service personnel.

Phase 1: Collect data and input

Innovation is always a means, never an end. We start by defining the outcome we intend to realize. We assess the current situation. We seek the perspectives of stakeholders that innovation will affect. We identify compliance requirements. To support the US Marine Corps, Sodexo developed a smartphone app that puts easy-to-understand, nutritional information in every Marine’s pocket. As we developed the new Charge app, we considered:

Phase 2: Design, deliver and test

Innovation can take many forms, including process optimization, emerging technologies or entirely new strategies driven by unique requirements. In each case, we apply an iterative approach and best practices based on our global experience. To help the UK Defense Infrastructure Organization (DIO) positively impact their recruitment and retention goals, we developed a solution to drive a sense of belonging and create a community that was inclusive for all at Worthy Down Station. We partnered with the Station to:

Phase 3: Operate, manage, assess and adapt

Innovation is never done. As we operate and manage a facility, we monitor our key performance indicators (KPIs) and feedback from consumers. Based on this data we work continuously to enhance our impact on people and communities and to sustain successful outcomes for our customer. We’ve deployed our WasteWatch powered by LeanPath program, a military food waste management solution, at many of our government sites. With WasteWatch we:

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Defence services

Innovation in practice: Developing a mobile app for the USMC

How do you encourage US Marines to make better food choices? Giving them plenty of healthy options in USMC mess halls was the first step. The next step was enabling them to find their nearest dining facility, design personal menus and make their meal selections using their smartphones. The Charge app we designed for the USMC enables Marines to:

- Find dining facilities and see what’s on the menu at every USMC installation

- Make informed choices for their meals in accordance with Fuel to Fight guidelines

- Get news on mess hall events, themes and special menus

The app also supports continuous improvement by enabling Marines to provide instant feedback on any aspect of their dining experience. Learn more by downloading our Charge App data sheet.

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