Food Fuels Our Health, Wellness and Happiness at Work

That’s why we’re creating transformational food experiences with our Food Connection to keep employees well fed wherever they work, whether in an urban office environment or manufacturing and tech hubs. This ecosystem of services optimizes the workspace to enhance the employee experience, reduce cost and ensure sustainable practices. 

Food Connection creates convenient food options without ever sacrificing quality by integrating agile on-site and off-site operations to provide flexible menu choices and delivery options.


Powered by Everyday

Get the power of a flexible mobile commerce solution in the palm of your hand with our Everyday app. Sodexo clients get a range of features from mobile and kiosk food ordering to scan-and-go capabilities, checkout-free stores and food delivery for customers across the U.S. The Everyday app seamlessly integrates with our grocery solution, Eat Now, as well as third-party delivery services.

Our Brands

Contemporary Food, Creative Spaces, Thriving Workplaces

Modern Recipe: Reimagine your meals with made-to-measure options for companies and employees that excite and satisfy. Modern Recipe's chefs source the best local produce at the smartest prices to create fresh, varied dishes for on-site dining that foodies will love.

Fast Service in a Home Away From Home

Kitchen Works Co.: Get a wide range of meal options at the right price, from chipotle glazed pork belly to plant-based cuisine, in a welcoming environment where colleagues can refuel, recharge and regroup.

Fresh, Seasonally-Conscious Selections for Better Health

Nourish: Take a health-driven approach to employee food services with nutrient-dense, delicious grab-and-go options. Nourish's team of dietitians and chefs craft menu selections to promote physical well-being and aim to reduce chronic disease.

Local Ingredients with Personalized Service

Good Eating Company: Our approach to corporate dining is to make simply delicious food for professional workplaces, enabling our clients to create memorable dining environments. Obsessed with quality, our chef driven menus only use the best ingredients and recipes. We create experiences that bring people together through food, reflecting your company culture and fostering well-being.

Bringing Local Cuisine to Your Doorstep

Foodee: Deliver more flexible meal options to hybrid office workers, corporate gatherings or workplace events with Foodee's all-in-one catering solution. We partner exclusively with locally-owned restaurants to support communities and bring your employees meals that exceed their expectations.

Be Part of the Coffee Revolution

ForFive: Elevate the employee experience with premium, freshly roasted coffee and a wide range of menu items that go beyond your typical coffeehouse. From a steak and eggs breakfast sandwich to salmon sriracha toast and tuna poke, ForFive's offerings will keep employees coming back for more.

Convenience Solutions

Make your workplace food offerings work for you with contactless digital ordering, pre-packaged meals that limit exposure risk, grab-and-go options and more. Save your staff time and stress while providing convenient, nourishing food.

CSR and Sustainability

At Sodexo, we're guided by our corporate social responsibility roadmap, Better Tomorrow 2025, to deliver on our commitments to individuals, communities and the environment.


We Care for the Planet

We foster a culture of environmental responsibility within our workforce and workspaces, while sourcing responsibly and championing sustainable resource usage. As a corporate citizen, we strive to reduce our food waste by 50% as part of our Better Tomorrow 2025 commitments.


We Care for Society

We are working to train 100% of our employees on sustainable practices as part of our social commitments, but our goals reach beyond our workplaces. We are committed to drive diversity and inclusion as catalysts for societal change, and we promote fair, inclusive and sustainable business practices.



Sustainability Requires Urgency

Sustainability isn't just a set of goals; it's now essential to your company's mission. Find out how companies are safeguarding against future risks and adopting solutions that reduce their environmental impact.

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The Future of Food in the Workplace

Food is central to work life. Learn how we're making food models more efficient and helping you adapt to changing employee expectations.

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