By allowing you to focus on your core mission, working with Sodexo makes it easier to maintain a reputation of excellence. Leave things like repairs, maintenance, food service, and more, to us, so you can get your students started on the best foot forward.

Welcome to Imagine by Sodexo, a collection of integrated solutions designed to ensure peace of mind, spark your student’s imaginative spirit and further your school’s reputation. We ensure that your valuable resources, both financially and in terms of time and focus, are directed towards creating the most enriching experience possible for students.

Take a forward-looking approach not only with your academics, but also with your school food service, maintenance, athletics and more.

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Go Above and Beyond

Globally Inspired Dining Experience

Imagine... fresh, healthy, local, culturally diverse, and on-trend foods that make meal-time a time to build community and good nutrition habits. Our technology and app allows students to connect to food the way they connect with friends. We deliver maximum convenience, increased student participation and continuous innovation.

Comprehensive Facilities Management

Imagine... safer, cleaner, more engaging and energy-efficient spaces that go above and beyond to help your students focus and learn. Each of our facilities managers completes a 10-part masters course on indoor air quality as well as bringing years of school-specific maintenance experience to ensure each client receives a facilities management expert.

Strategic Asset and Portfolio Management

Imagine... getting the most out of every asset. Reduce maintenance costs, attract and retain students, identify issues and risks early before they create problems. Sodexo will integrate building and facility systems to streamline the activities contained in your master plan.

Athletic Performance – Residence Life – Concierge

Imagine... value-added services that provide distinct differentiation for your school while boosting satisfaction amongst students, parents and your entire school community.