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United For Progress

No single business can create a better tomorrow on its own. We can only create meaningful sustainability solutions by working in collaboration with others. That’s why we’re partnering to amplify our efforts and drive change at scale on causes like sustainable diets, animal welfare and food waste. We work with global NGOs, innovative start-ups, suppliers, consumers and charities to support us with tools and initiatives that help us go further.

Food Waste

We are proud to participate in the International Food Waste Coalition (IFWC), which brings companies and organizations together to fight food waste and make policy change. Engaging our suppliers, clients and consumers in cutting back food waste means faster and far-reaching results on a global scale.

We recognize that significant strides in the conservation of natural resources requires collaboration across the globe. With support from the International Food Waste Coalition, Champions 12.3, the World Resources Institute, and ReFed , we are privileged and poised to help lead the charge in reducing food waste.


Animal Welfare

As one of the founders of the Global Coalition for Animal Welfare (GCAW), we are committed to improving animal welfare standards throughout the global food supply chain. We have established sustainable purchasing practices with our suppliers through the Sodexo Supplier Code of Conduct.


Sustainable Diets

According to a Nielsen global survey, 39% of American consumers are working to incorporate more plant-based foods in their diets. Sodexo is bringing innovative products and recipes to market that support more sustainable diets for our customers. As a member of the World Resource Institute-Better Buying Lab (WRI), we are studying and piloting new ways to help our customers to choose more sustainable food options through effective marketing and positioning.

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