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Today, healthcare organizations evaluate patient experience through post-experience surveys. But this approach is reactive and limits feedback to a strict framework. Plus, most of the time the responding patients have already left the hospital, so it is too late to make a difference to them. 

With Experiencia, you can proactively address customers’ needs in the moment, and often, before they even become a problem.

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*Experiencia has been shown to improve HCAHPS scores three times faster than the leading patient experience survey provider.

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Get a 360° View of the Patient Experience with Experiencia

Experiencia is Sodexo Healthcare’s digital patient insights and rounding platform that combines personal touch with the power of meaningful, real-time data, to help you put the patient where they belong — at the center of the care experience.


Experiencia Features


Deliver a Higher Quality Patient Experience Together

Service staff often interact with patients just as much as the clinical staff. Experiencia serves as a central tool to keep everyone who contributes to patient experience on the same page, while also providing insights to improve services.


Non-clinical staff are also empowered to take action, saving time for clinical colleagues and improving the employee experience for all.


Experiencia Results

Enhance Patient Satisfaction with Improved Food Experience

Every aspect of your hospital service plays an important role in shaping patient experience. Find out how Experiencia helped this hospital shape and improve patient experience through nutrition services.

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Make Proactive Changes to Increase Patient Experience Scores

With Experiencia’s Predictive Insights feature, this hospital system was able to identify why patients were reporting issues with noise around their rooms and proactively change their perception of the issue.

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Identify the True Drivers of Patient Experience

This hospital leveraged Experiencia to pinpoint sources of patient dissatisfaction and find solutions to drive improvement in HCAHPS scores.

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