The Coronavirus pandemic has turned healthcare upside-down. To keep patients, clinicians and staff safe, we are adapting our services to combat this new threat.​

Hospital Services Adapted to COVID-19

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Healthcare Webinars

With direct experience supporting hospitals on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic around the world, including Wuhan, China, Italy, the UK and US, Sodexo is sharing our insight and data with the global community in order to help other institutions better grapple with the challenges at hand.​​

This Covid-19 Emergency Preparedness Webinar shares learnings from our healthcare experts on how to keep hospital facilities well-managed, supply chains open and working, food served, environments kept safe, and staff well cared for. 

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Reset | Restore | Revitalize

Sodexo Healthcare’s relaunch strategy is to safely and sustainably reopen select ancillary services at client hospitals. Working with hospital partners, we will address the concerns of clinicians, staff, patients and visitors around elective procedures and the COVID-19 pandemic. 


From rearranging cafeteria settings to doubling down on safety communication, learn how Sodexo is adapting services to support hospitals managing COVID-19.

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#WeAreInThisTogether - Working Around the Clock to Prepare for a Patient Surge​

Fort Lauderdale, FL - In preparation for the anticipated COVID-19 patient surge, Bill Westbay & his Facilities Management team at Holy Cross Hospital converted an amazing 63% of patient rooms from positive to negative air pressurization. They then built a covered ramp & shelving to convert a refrigerated truck into a makeshift morgue - all while still responding to the hospital's day to day needs.​

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