You already trust Sodexo to support your hospital staff, now let us support your team again as they work to adjust to the ‘next-normal’ with increased use of telemedicine. Our telehealth platform is designed with patient nutrition management in mind, but usable across any provider that needs a video consultation with a patient.

Unlocking solutions today, to power the future of telehealth

COVID-19 has made a huge impact on the way we communicate, making telecommunication more and more crucial, including telehealth adoptions. This is not going away. Sodexo is here to support your entire care team of dietitians, nurses, therapists, social workers, and more.

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Go Above and Beyond, Anywhere

Elevating Nutritional Care

The telehealth platform provides a virtual nutrition experience for our dietitians and their patients, with features including food journals and educational materials.

Adaptable Telehealth Platform

As needs evolve with the impacts of COVID-19, Sodexo has evolved our telehealth platform. Any provider can use telehealth for video consultation with a patient for every need, including post-discharge follow ups, disease-specific service lines, and patient outreach.

Turn-Key Telehealth Solutions

The Sodexo team of experts will provide service to enable quick implementation of the platform and provide expertise on all the tele-connection features. Sodexo will also offer office management, patient engagement, and revenue collection capabilities.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Telehealth allows providers to see their patients sooner and more easily. This new way to connect helps to bridge the gap for follow-up care post-discharge, potentially helping decrease likelihood of readmission.