In order for hospitals to provide excellent patient care, staff and patients both need to have confidence that the environment is safe and clean. Sodexo Healthcare offers tailored environmental services (EVS) solutions and programs that help hospitals deliver the best possible patient care and meet their operational and compliance requirements.

Core Cleaning | Protecta Infection Prevention


Your Environmental Services Partner

Leveraging our vast experience and best practices gained from serving a range of hospitals across the country, we can work with your team to create a program that delivers a high level of service and consistent results for your hospital.

Core cleaning services from Sodexo include surface and floor cleaning solutions for your healthcare facilities.

Our Environmental Services Expertise

Our 7-Step Approach

We rely on a seven-step standard approach for cleaning all areas of your facilities, providing a top to bottom clean.


Sodexo provides consistent and ongoing environmental services training for hospital staff and management. Through tracking and reporting, our infection prevention specialists provide customized recommendations to optimize your program and attain unsurpassed results.


Sodexo's team develops tailored programs that can seamlessly evolve with your changing needs over time. Whether you add new healthcare sites or services, or seek to enhance service levels, Sodexo Healthcare has solutions for today and for the future.

Get better results with Sodexo’s integrated solutions

An Integrated Infection Prevention program combines tools, chemicals, processes, and technology in a way that is more effective than when these steps are performed on their own. With Integrated Infection Prevention solutions from Sodexo, you can achieve consistent and reliable results each and every time.

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