Optimize Employees’ Experiences at Offshore Wind Farms

As concerns over climate change and carbon emissions continue to grow, the demand for alternative energy sources is exploding. Offshore wind farms will play a crucial role in the world’s clean energy future. However, the process of constructing and maintaining these vital areas is complex and requires vast resources and expertise. Partnering with Sodexo Energy & Resources for food service and facilities management during an offshore wind farm's construction and operation simplifies that process while improving your employees’ experiences, enhancing satisfaction, and ensuring smooth transitions for staff members.

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Improving Employee Experiences During Offshore Wind Farm Construction and Operation: Flexible, Scalable, and Comprehensive

Sodexo’s fully customized foodservice and facilities management solutions for offshore wind farms create a seamless end-to-end experience that prioritizes safety, comfort and convenience for everyone on board, without ever sacrificing quality or service. Outsourcing offers a stress-free approach to keeping your employees engaged, optimizing costs and mitigating risks.

offshore-cateringConsistent, High-Quality Dining

Food is a great source of comfort, especially when someone is far from home. That’s why food quality is a critical component of offshore wind worker satisfaction. Sodexo’s offshore wind dining program features dishes that give your employees a welcome respite each day. Delicious, high-quality, chef-driven menu items keep employees fueled and satisfied, and we ensure there’s always enough variety to keep employees from getting bored. Theme nights and other special events bring employees together and help create a sense of camaraderie.

retail-and-vending Retail and Vending

Offshore workers often long for their favorite products or small indulgences when far from home. Our retail and vending services provide convenient access to a wide range of affordable products, from familiar snacks and brand-name beverages to essential items like toothpaste and shampoo.

cleaning-housekeeping-laundry Cleaning, Housekeeping and Laundry

Your employees expect a clean and healthy environment. Our team begins by helping you assess your cleaning, housekeeping and laundry needs and establishing a service schedule. Once the service schedule is established, our team performs all cleaning, housekeeping and laundry tasks on board. We also perform deep cleanings for high-risk areas as needed.

offshore-fm Comprehensive Facilities Management

From highly skilled technicians and HVAC specialists to heli-administrators and waste management experts, Sodexo can provide the resources you need to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operations. You’re free to focus on core tasks knowing that we’re taking care of plumbing, carpentry, grease trap maintenance, pest control and more. We can even help you manage helicopter flights to move passengers and freight to and from your operation.

smart-maintenanceSmart Maintenance

Smart technology and Internet of Things (loT) sensors guide operations to ensure maintenance services are carried out when they are needed. This proactive approach minimizes risks, optimizes efficiency and reduces costs. Let our technical experts optimize maintenance of your most important assets.

redesign-quartersOptimize Employee Experiences

MyWay is a robust, personalized mobile app that provides employees with real-time information about services on board, as well as easy access to menus and mobile pre-ordering. It’s also an ideal tool for quickly communicating critical information, such as safety, alerts via push notifications. Feedback and survey functions let employees share their experiences, and we use these insights to improve our services and ongoing support every day.