Imagine yourself in a career where you can inspire smiles during uncertain times and a future where learning new skills leads to greater opportunities. At Sodexo, that vision can be reality. With thousands of accounts to choose from and the specialized training to take you to that next level, you can easily stay on track to achieve your goals.

Your Quality of Life is Our Priority

Sodexo Learning and Performance

With advanced online tools, you can plan your development, keep track of your performance goals and make use of thousands of resources that help you navigate your career path.


Our wide array of benefits include Sodexo's innovative LifeWorks and Flexible Work Arrangements programs. Talk to your recruiter for more details.


Being rewarded and recognized for a job well done brings satisfaction and encouragement. But it goes deeper than that. It’s about being a part of something much bigger – a culture that’s flexible, innovative and inclusive.

Community Impact

Making an impact in the communities we serve is one of the top reasons you’ll love working at Sodexo, and it doesn’t have to end with your day-to-day work. You can get involved through various programs that offer support to those in need.

Attracting the Best Talent

You have a diverse background, with experiences unique to you. You may be a recent grad, or looking for a civilian career after military service. Maybe you moved on from Sodexo, but are ready to come back with new skills. Wherever you’re coming from, you have the opportunity to grow your career at Sodexo while making a difference every day.


You first heard of Sodexo on your college campus and now, with graduation behind you, you’re ready to enter the workforce. You might be surprised to know it’s not just food service! We offer paid internships in dietetics, facilities management, marketing, environmental services, culinary, catering, food service management, and more.

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The experience you gained while serving in the military is invaluable. You have dedication to teamwork, commitment to excellence and work relentlessly toward your goals. That’s what makes you Sodexo material.


There has never been a better time to consider returning to Sodexo. You understand how we operate, the standards we expect from our colleagues, and what it takes to make an impact in the organization. Join our Reconnexions community today!

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