People face significant challenges when working in isolated, extreme environments—whether on a mine site in Australia, South America or Siberia or on an offshore platform in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico or West Africa. Our integrated services improve your employees’ well-being at work, which in turn contributes to better performance on the job.

Focus Areas

Our deep consumer knowledge and the use of technology to gather real-time data bring innovation, improve well-being and drive efficiency in these unconventional workplaces. We survey thousands of workers annually to understand and respond to your employees quality of life expectations at work.

Trusted Partners for Mining Industry Clients

Supporting your remote mining operation requires a proven partner with on-the-ground experience, uncompromising health and safety standards, and a strong commitment to engaging with local communities.

Drill Us on Our Expertise in the Energy Sector

Few environments are more complex than an offshore platform or onshore LNG plant. Your workforces need services that support their well-being and meet their evolving needs while they are on site. We survey thousands of workers annually to understand and respond to their quality of life expectations at work.

COVID-19 Sodexo Response

Sodexo has ramped up and invested in several critical capabilities to rapidly prepare its personnel and other resources for the demands arising from COVID-19 response over the coming weeks and months.

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The number of FM assets Sodexo manages for Shell across the globe.