Delivering Exceptional Campus Experiences

Campus life has changed; Sodexo’s evolutionary mindset, deep consumer insights and range of innovative services align with the modern campus’s needs. With a passion for culinary experiences, digital integration for daily engagement and expertise in cleaning, landscaping and maintenance solutions, we help create exceptional campus experiences for students, faculty, staff and guests.

Campus Life: Reimagined

We have developed an evolutionary mindset, deep consumer insights, and a range of innovative services to create dynamic food, hospitality, and facilities management programs that align with modern campus’s needs.

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Solutions That Meet Your Needs

Our campus dining and facilities management services go beyond the ordinary. Sodexo’s dining programs meet and exceed students’ expectations for their essential daily needs, wellbeing and engagement on campus. Our facilities management services create exceptional campus environments and provide complete peace of mind with evidence-based infection control disinfection.

Food is more than recipes

Campus dining has evolved. Our culinary teams blend art, science, data and design to exceed the expectations of Gen Z’s foodie culture. Our menus are designed with only the best ingredients — many of which are locally sourced — making a positive impact with each plate.

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Innovation That Matters

College campuses are evolving. Higher education continues finding new ways to leverage technology to support students and faculty. Campus dining is in the midst of a similar evolution, as technology enables exciting new ways to enjoy meals. Learn how Sodexo is enabling the right technology in order to meet the rising demands of today's campus community.

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Feeding Powerhouses

Sodexo’s athletic performance solution, The Circuit, is a comprehensive program designed to Fuel, Equip, and Connect your athletes. Explore this science-based, clinical approach to nutrition and see why it helps athletes achieve new levels.

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Making Campuses Exceptional

Campus life is full of great memories: from meeting your first roommate to turning in an assignment with minutes to spare. Prospective students look for a friendly atmosphere, plentiful food options, modern technology and overall livability. Our approach to student living ensures your campus is the most attractive option.

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Award-Winning Allergy Solutions

With the number of food allergies on the rise amongst Gen Z & Alpha, having a solution that accommodates all is an important feature for attracting and retaining students. Simple Servings is an award-winning, open-to-all, dining platform that offers fresh, flavorful meals prepared without the most common allergens.

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Strategic Asset Management

Students and parents expect modern, well-maintained facilities and comfortable campus environments that feel safe and inviting. Aging facilities, rising costs, and ever-decreasing operating budgets make meeting these expectations challenging. Our approach brings new life to your facilities, enhancing their quality, efficiency, and value, turning them into joyful spaces for your campus community.

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We work with leading campuses to engage tens of thousands of students every day, expertly serving them and offering unparalleled convenience and service. Our solutions improve student and institutional performance by meeting daily needs through tangible actions that drive real improvements.

Our Approach to Allyship

Inclusive Employee Culture

Sodexo is proud of the work we’ve done to date in diversity management and fostering an equitable and inclusive corporate culture, but there is still more work to do. Learn more about the programs, resources, and commitments we have in place to ensure everyone feels supported and valued.

Employee-Focused Approach

Driving Momentum

We’re committed to continuously improving to meet the ongoing evolution that is happening on your campus. Being a good partner means adapting and going above and beyond to meet the unique needs of your community. See why having the right partner makes all the difference.

Growing Stronger, Together

Elevating Your Campus

We help you stay on top of facilities management using new technologies and experienced on-site repair experts – doing so will create campus grounds and buildings that attract guests to campus and creates a comfortable learning environment for all.

Comprehensive Campus Care

Safe, Clean Environments

Protecting the health and safety of everyone on campus is our top priority. Our evidence-based infection control program uses technology and innovative chemicals to ensure disinfected spaces.

Innovative Cleaning Solutions

22-23 Student Lifestyle Survey

The 2022-23 Student Lifestyle Survey focuses on U.S. based college and university students, and for the first time ever a cohort of high school students. This survey and its findings reveal student perspectives and offers insights on how we can be better allies to students through a welcoming environment and wraparound services that enhance student experiences and reduce common barriers to their success.

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