We Help Move Your Community Forward

Trust, collaboration, innovation, and parallel values define our partnerships. Sodexo Seniors integrates with your team, finding ways to execute your mission and enhance your strategy, going the extra mile to deliver exceptional service to those we serve. Our portfolio of best-in-class, evidence-based solutions moves communities forward and enables residents to live their best life.

Let our global experience across the care spectrum of independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care work for you.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Dining Services

Our food elevates the senses and is coupled with distinctive service and hospitality.

Explore how we elevate dining and customize diet and nutrition

Infection Prevention and Control

Our proactive approach to infection prevention and control creates a safe environment for residents, staff, and visitors.

Learn about our proprietary infection control program

Facilities Management

We provide expert maintenance for your community facilities, ensuring that your living and care environments are optimal for your residents.

Explore our services for building and asset management

Inflation Management

Our market analyses and cost-saving adjustments empower you to manage your community efficiently.

Find out how we adapt to evolving market trends

Solutions That Move Your Community Forward

B Therapeutic Dining and Hospitality

Our program establishes a nutrition, wellness, and hospitality plan for residents experiencing early symptoms of cognitive impairment.

Discover how we help residents thrive

Meals to Go

We prepare fresh, delicious meal options for carryout.

Learn about our convenient takeout meals


We provide easy access to grocery staples within your community.

Make residents’ lives easier with greater convenience


Raise the bar: Contact us today to learn how our comprehensive approach to senior living can elevate your community and its services over others.