At Sodexo, our vision is to create the space where all who work in, or visit, the healthcare setting can step away to refresh, unwind and reconnect. Whether you’re a clinician, a patient, a family member or part of the larger care community, spending downtime effectively can have a positive impact on mental health, emotional wellbeing and productivity.

Beyond Breaks

We recognize the importance of creating individualized experiences while delivering on the shared need for restoration. To do that, we are reimagining healthcare staff and guest experiences through lounges, cafes and supporting retail services built upon smarter nutrition, comfortable environments and innovative, on-demand services that go Beyond Breaks to care for all aspects of the mind, body and spirit.

Evolving Care for the Mind, Body and Spirit

  • BEYOND Food

    Food that goes beyond just getting the energy you need to get through the day

  • BEYOND Experience

    Space planning beyond traditional communal dining areas that provides the optimal mix of convenience and comfort

  • BEYOND Wellbeing

    Holistic wellbeing thinking beyond what’s expected to offer easily accessible experiences for a variety of needs

Change the Way People Experience the Healthcare Setting

Our retail solutions are crafted to address the unique and evolving needs of healthcare professionals and hospital visitors while flexing to fit the specific needs of your organization. We can work with you directly to determine the best solutions for your hospital.


Beyond Food

Our robust services portfolio allows us to create a bespoke retail offer with tailored solutions for your café spaces, coffee shops, micromarkets and beyond, so that all who enter your spaces can refuel on their own terms.

Beyond Experience

We think outside of the conventional cafeteria box to deliver solutions that facilitate speed of service and provide visitors and staff with a seamless, convenient way to reenergize despite the stress of the day.

Beyond Wellbeing

We honor the wellbeing of staff, visitors and patients with supplemental programs focused on reducing stressors and providing balanced, healthy and inclusive lifestyle options that add another layer of care to your retail spaces.