We know senior living communities need specialized services and Sodexo Seniors has decades of experience. Communities are focused on making everyday moments matter for residents. With that in mind, the need to hit budget targets and generate greater value from their resources is vital. Integrated facilities management consolidates services and costs to create a simplified, well-established partnership with defined expectations. But more importantly, it delivers elevated resident, employee, and guest satisfaction, plus efficiencies that set you apart from your competition.

Sodexo's facilities management program generates opportunities for you to achieve your strategic objectives by:

• Creating revenue opportunities
• Managing risk
• Increasing community value
• Maximizing return on expenses

Our services are delivered by well-trained staff familiar with the needs of senior living communities, and we commit to building trust and confidence with residents. We offer:

Site Management Systems (SMS): Online management system portal offers 20+ digital applications to deliver innovation and efficiencies in key on-site management activities.

Preventive Disinfection: Health and safety for residents and staff are paramount. Reduce the risk of viral exposure with hospital-grade disinfectants, Sodexo’s proprietary seven-step cleaning procedure, and pulsed technology.

Housekeeping Services: Comprehensive cleaning services with an outcome-based approach tailored to your community’s specific needs.

Technical Services: Prevent unexpected downtime in core areas like the kitchen, laundry, and HVAC. We create and execute maintenance services that are predictive, and we comprehensively consider strategic planning.

Graphic: About Sodexo: 2,500 IFM Sites; 700M square feet under our management; 14 years average client relationship


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