Food brings people together

There’s a reason why great ideas get written on napkins. Because we’re at our best when we’re at ease, in good company, eating well.


Modern Recipe brings together the ingredients that feed our best selves: Food that’s in tune with our bodies and our planet, in flexible, inviting spaces that bring us together and keep our day flowing.


This is our Modern Recipe

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    Everyday Delicious

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    Hospitality Culture

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    Workplace Wellness

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    Seamless Technology

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    Responsible Practice

Culinary, Hospitality & Sustainability Expert Ambassadors

We have partnered with renowned  culinary, hospitality and sustainability experts  to connect our guests with a holistic experience that supports wellness in the workplace.

Brooke Williamson, portrait

Elevating Everyday Delicious

Celebrity Chef Brooke Williamson brings her signature California culinary style and passion for creating healthy food using local, seasonal ingredients that will inspire and connect you.

Croissants being eaten around a table

Luxe Workplace Experiences

Flexible, inviting spaces foster genuine connections and collaborative ideas among colleagues. Hospitality culture expert Raabia Shafi shares practical ways to create a 'taken care of' feeling for all guests, at every touchpoint, every single time.

Acai bowl with fresh ingredients

Ingredients for Better

Eve Turow-Paul, founder of Food for Climate League, provides her expert understanding of food and lifestyle trends that creates an experience supporting mental, physical, and environmental health.


Contemporary Food, Available All-Day in Flexible, Inviting Spaces 



Food brings people together. Modern Recipe focuses on serving delicious food in stylish, comfortable, welcoming spaces that foster a sense of belonging and cultivate collaboration.



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