Boosting Employee Experience Through Food Services

Food services play an important role in creating workplaces which inspire, engage and ultimately improve the productivity of the workforce. They optimize employees’ health and wellbeing, improve productivity and create vibrant areas for employees to not only eat, but socialize and collaborate with colleagues. 
Sodexo delivers a range of consumer-focused food and retail brands, built on strong consumer insight and tailored to meet our clients’ needs. 

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Corporate & Office Catering Services

Employee Nutrition & Business Performance

At Sodexo, we deliver a range of consumer-focused food and retail brands, built on strong consumer insight and tailored to meet our clients’ needs. We help your employees with their well-being and satisfaction by providing healthy food choices. All of this leads to better service quality and efficiency, improving your overall business performance and increasing staff retention.

Bespoke and Flexible Business Catering

We believe in catering to customers’ desires for healthy options, comfort food, adventure and indulgence. We listen to customer feedback so we can continue to develop an exciting food and drink service with new menu options and special offers. We believe that there is no substitute for authentic flavors or fantastic food served by people dedicated to providing outstanding service.


Healthy Corporate Catering

Sustainability, value consciousness and convenience are all paramount. As a responsible food provider, we’re deeply committed to the health of our guests. Contact our team to find out how our catering services can help you increase your employees’ well-being and productivity.

Meet Foodee

Sodexo has joined forces with Foodee as part of its strategy to develop new, more flexible food service models, responding to accelerated trends in consumer demand.


Foodee is a corporate catering solution that brings meals from your local eateries to your office.


Through Foodee's expertise and local restaurant connections, Sodexo is able to accelerate the roll out of new digital-enabled and consumer-focused food services that help organizations keep their employees happy, healthy and well-fed.

Responsible Sourcing & Food Waste

We always aim to buy produce locally to support local communities. The benefits include better quality, fresher-tasting ingredients and fewer food miles, which helps reduce costs and our carbon footprint. 

We also acknowledge that waste is one of our biggest collective challenges. We're using data to identify actions that can change behavior to further reduce our food waste. We're committed to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. For us, it's an opportunity to inspire creativity from our chefs, create new ways of enjoying food and adopt more efficient operations for our planet.




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