Meet the nutritional needs of your patients while keeping them safe and assured.

Your Essential Partner in Providing For Your Patients

While hospitals are one of the few facilities that have remained open since COVID-19, they have had to evolve and adapt just as much as every other business, and more. To ensure the safety of your patients, staff and community, Sodexo has launched a new menu that provides patients with a delicious menu that meets their nutritional needs and addresses current safety concerns, while saving you money.

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Go Above and Beyond

Scalable and Adaptable Programs

The foundation of our menu is individualized, evidence-based nutrition that was designed to be scalable and adaptable to fit your needs. We offer four menu tiers that can be deployed across three different service styles including tray line, bedside host and room service.

Enhanced Safety for Everyone

In light of COVID, we have taken extra precaution, enhancing our proprietary food safety technology to offer pre-packaged foods and low touch items. Your patients can trust they’re safe and in good hands from the medical care they get to the nutrition they receive.

Evidence-based Nutrition

We have evidence-based, comprehensive solutions that enable standardized, consistent, and repeatable service across your system. Our culinary team also strives for excellence in taste in flavor. Now you can deliver high-quality care and delicious meals that will enhance your patients’ nourishment.

Control Cost Without Compromising Quality or Care

Our tiered menu means less labor and food preparation of multiple recipes. Not only are you protecting your staff and those who serve the patients’ meals, but you are able to financially save due to the operational efficiencies.

Enhance Patient Satisfaction with Improved Food Experience

Every aspect of your hospital service plays an important role in shaping patient experience. Experiencia® — a program that combines both real-time data collected along the patient care journey together with predictive insights from past survey data — helped one hospital shape and improve patient experience through nutrition services.

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Evidence-based Nutrition Therapy

Sodexo’s evidence-based nutrition therapy targets each patient’s individual disease state and is facilitated by Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) with advanced expertise in nutrition therapy and how food plays an integral role in your patients’ recovery.


Powered by the latest in nutritional science, explore ways Sodexo’s clinical nutrition program can identify opportunities in your healthcare facility, including the potential of increased revenue and cost avoidance.

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