As a contracted service provider with HealthTrust, Sodexo Healthcare has a proven track record of positively impacting HealthTrust members’ profitability, quality and service through innovative and data-driven healthcare support solutions.

HealthTrust Contracted Supplier Services from Sodexo Healthcare

Patient Nutrition (Contract #12543)

Patient nutrition is a vital component to a patient’s care. When patients receive a superior dining experience, their overall recovery is positively impacted. Of course, taste, temperature, and variety matter too — factors that are carefully considered in Sodexo’s nutrition offerings.

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Retail Dining (Contract #12543)

Sodexo’s retail brands and high street brand partnerships include restaurants, coffee shops, fast casual, convenience and vending. We provide an elevated guest and patient experience with more than 60 culinary concepts curated from our proven, nationally supported portfolio.

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Environmental Services (Contract #12544)

In order for hospitals to provide excellent patient care, staff and patients both need to have confidence that the environment is safe and clean. Sodexo Healthcare offers tailored environmental services (EVS) solutions and programs that help hospitals deliver the best possible patient care and meet operational and compliance requirements.

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Infection Prevention (Contract #12544)

Protecta® is a fully standardized, end-to-end infection control solution that combines tools and processes, training, technology, and chemicals and disinfectants to reduce hospital-acquired infections. Proven to decrease MRSA by 70% and C. diff infections by 53%, hospitals gain confidence in a cleaner and safer environment.

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Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) (Contract #12545)

Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) by Sodexo gives you visibility and transparency into your medical equipment inventory through scalable solutions. We are a people-focused strategic partner that is invested in your clinical and financial performance.

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Patient Transport Services (Contract #12544)

Patient and equipment transfers aren’t to be taken lightly. Without proper care and technique, transfers can lead to unsafe conditions, accidents, high replacement costs and even lawsuits. Our Patient Transport Services can help improve throughput, increase efficiency and free your clinical staff to focus on patient care.

Laundry & Linen Management (Contract #12544)

Almost 90% of linens in U.S. hospitals aren’t used to their full potential, which can drive up costs. Drive unnecessary costs out of your laundry operations with state-of-the-art technology, proven management techniques, sound training practices and high safety standards from Sodexo.

Service Response Center (Contract #12544)

Sodexo’s Service Response Center seamlessly weaves together management of your support services through shared management, systems and service functions. By streamlining delivery of core services, the Service Response Center helps you avoid delays, decrease risks and improve patient satisfaction.

Facilities Management (Contract #12545)

Ensuring that your facility is without disruption is important for your business. Sodexo’s integrated Facilities Management services help you manage your facility more efficiently and effectively. Our core processes ensure consistent service levels at every facility.

Patient Experience

Experiencia®, our proprietary, evidence-based insights platform helps you unlock a deeper understanding of each patient, allowing staff to proactively address individual physical, social and emotional needs. Experiencia can be utilized in any Sodexo-managed service line to improve patient satisfaction.

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  • Cost Savings

    Transitioning HealthTrust members from self-managed programs to Sodexo shows savings of 10% to 20%.

  • Operational Efficiencies

    Our data-driven solutions help your hospital operate at optimal efficiency.

  • Patient and Employee Satisfaction

    Sodexo-managed services allow hospital staff to spend more time on care delivery, increasing satisfaction among both patients and employees.

  • Quality and Safety

    Quality and safety are our top priority; we help ensure that operational and compliance requirements are met.


Patient Nutrition - Sodexo offers 69 diets with evidence-based approaches designed to support patients’ nutritional needs.

Environmental Services and Infection Prevention - Sodexo’s Protecta® program helped hospitals avoid more than 2,300 HAIs over three years, resulting in more than $85M in savings. 

Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) - Sodexo healthcare technology management maintains a 98% uptime for diagnostic imaging and biomedical equipment. 

Patient Experience - Hospitals using Sodexo’s digital insights and rounding platform, Experiencia®, improve HCAHPS scores three times faster than the leading patient experience survey provider.  

Patient Transport Services - On average, a Sodexo transporter can move a patient or item at approximately 1/3 the cost of nursing staff performing the same task. 

Laundry and Linen Management - Sodexo realizes utilities savings of 3-5% annually through use of EPA-registered disinfectants that activate at lower temperatures. 

Facilities Management - Sodexo helps you avoid major repairs that consume budgets, use valuable staff time, and create unsafe places for patients to heal and staff to work.


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