Powering Human Care

As partners of healthcare clients around the world, Sodexo Healthcare is inspired by the resilience regularly on display and are proud to support you. With a breadth of experience and expertise in our teams, Sodexo has been able to support our healthcare communities by building surge hospitals, creating micro-markets for essential groceries, and using EVS equipment to disinfect personal items for clinicians and staff.

Graphic: Protecta has been proven to reduce C. diff & MRSA by 53% and 70% respectively and eliminates COVID-19 from surfaces


We bring a suite of innovative, best in class solutions that are inextricably linked to clinical care delivery: Patient Nutrition, Environmental Services and Infection Prevention, Retail and Restaurants, Clinical Engineering, Facilities Management, and more.

Our systematic approach is informed by our Medical Advisory Council comprised of experts in infection prevention, epidemiology, family medicine, behavioral science, occupational health, nutrition, and clinical operations. To ensure transparency and promote safety, Sodexo introduces the Rise SAFE hygiene verification label in partnership with Bureau Veritas.


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Environmental Infection Prevention

Advancing hospital infection prevention with Protecta.

Sodexo partners with hospital systems around the world to ensure the highest quality care for patients and healthcare employees, and that means providing the safest possible environment. Protecta is an evidence-based approach to environmental infection prevention that goes beyond cleaning surfaces. Through integrated technology and disinfecting solutions, Protecta has lowered lengths of stay, reduced costs pursuant to HAI treatment, minimized readmissions and lowered HAIs and SIRs. Our team of trained specialists will integrate with yours to adopt new training and standard operating procedures to increase infection prevention and keep your employees and patients safe.

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Retail Food

A safer approach to healthcare retail.

We’re enabling new methods for your staff and patients to access dining and retail options with reimagined grab-n-go solutions, mobile ordering capabilities, contactless POS terminals, Grocery2Go services and new catering and hospitality processes.

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Patient Nutrition

A New National Patient Menu That's Safe & Nutritious

Give your patients healthy meals, as well as peace of mind, with a new patient menu that's as delicious as it is safe. We've taken extra precaution to the way we prepare, package and serve food to address safety concerns

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Telehealth Care

Support your hospital staff with increased use of telemedicine through a platform that's usable across any provider that needs a video consultation with a patient.

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