Are you ready to put your education in action with on-the-job experience? Sodexo Student Impact offers both full-time and part-time paid internships at locations across the country, as well as hybrid and remote opportunities. Bring your fresh perspective, curiosity and drive and we’ll provide the skills to launch your career.

Internship Opportunities

Sodexo Student Impact

Our internships give students both depth and breadth of knowledge while working for one of the largest employers in the world. We have leadership and skilled individual positions that provide experiential learning to prepare you for a rewarding future with Sodexo.

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Dietetic Internships

Being North America's largest private employer of Registered Dietitians, our internships can help you continue your dietetic education and pursue a career with Sodexo.

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Why Sodexo?

On the Job Experience

You’ve excelled in the classroom and are ready to put your skills to action. As part of Sodexo Student Impact, you’ll gain valuable experience, preparing you for opportunities after graduation. You won’t be fetching coffee or answering phones; you’ll make a real impact on the job!

Mentoring for Success

Having a mentor in college is linked to academic success, as well as long term career satisfaction. Sodexo offers both formal and informal mentorship programs, matching you with a manager who represents a variety of diverse backgrounds and interests. Your mentor will help you explore the limitless career paths available to you at Sodexo.

Professional Development

Besides hands-on project experience, you’ll have access to development opportunities to help expand your skillsets. Career growth opportunities are limitless at Sodexo, with over 13,000 locations in North America alone.

Make an Impact

Making an impact in the communities we serve is one of the top reasons you’ll love working at Sodexo. Everything we do is about improving people’s daily lives. Whether you’re interacting with patients, students, or consumers, you’ll have the opportunity to make a positive impact every day.

Student Stories

Brooke Overacker – University of Idaho, Wallace

Area of Study: Operations Management. “I enjoyed learning about the dining service industry and the considerations behind their operations and marketing decisions. I also enjoyed being a part of creating a better experience for students.”

Steven Ciravolo – Marist College

Area of Study: Videography / Photography Intern. Steven filmed campus events, promotions and dining staff for the Marist Eats YouTube Channel. He gained 964 views and one of his videos helped land Marist Dining on the front page of Food Management.

Amyre Brandom – Xavier University of Louisiana

Area of Study: Mass Communication. “During my time as a Sodexo Intern, I mastered my skills in event planning and was able to see an event that I proposed come to life. My supervisor helped me learn how to use new content creation platforms and the difference between creating content for a business social media account versus personal.”