Creating the best, most inclusive workplace experience starts with understanding the diverse needs of our employees. Sodexo is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. From professional development to work/life balance, when our employees do well, our business does well. Some ways we support the diverse needs of our employees are through our offering of inclusive programs and practices such as:


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Learning and Development 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) learning is designed to create a globally inclusive culture that aligns with our values and enables engagement, productivity and innovation in the workplace. Our employees have access to on-demand learning, frontline huddles and virtual instructor-led courses, as well as classroom sessions

Sodexo’s robust DE&I curriculum is ever-evolving to keep pace with our leaders’ appetite for inclusive best practices. Our course catalog includes offerings to address all dimensions of diversity. In 2019, more than 5,000 managers participated in DE&I learning opportunities to improve the managing of workplace diversity. 



Spirit of Mentoring is a comprehensive talent management strategy that offers continuous development through a variety of programs aimed to build relationships and develop competencies at any career level. Over 2,000 mentoring engagements have been formed through our on-demand Spirit of Mentoring website, where participants engage in mutual learning exchanges with colleagues from across the region. The Spirit of Mentoring initiative creates competitive advantage as it attracts, engages, develops and retains top talent. 


Frontline Employees Strategy 

Sodexo remains steadfast in its commitment to foster an inclusive work culture, workforce diversity and an environment for all employees, despite the challenges associated with our highly decentralized organization. In 2019, over 100,000 frontline employees had access to relevant DE&I programming and Huddles through their managers and District Inclusion Ambassadors. 


Self-ID Campaign 

Sodexo’s multi-year Self-ID campaign is raising awareness about the importance of self-identification to ensure accessibility that supports the hiring and retention of qualified individuals with disabilities. These efforts are continuing to build a culture of inclusivity, where employees are able to realize their full potential. 



Sodexo continues to advance a culture of work/life flexibility through its FLOW (Flexibility Optimizes Work) practices. Managers promote open lines of communication and empower team members to request adjustments in their schedule (when), location (where) and/or the manner (how) in which they work, so long as business needs are met. Not only is FLOW the right thing to do, when employers demonstrate respect in this way, employees gain a greater sense of well-being, which enables higher levels of engagement, loyalty and productivity. Of the 1,200 managers who responded to a recent “pulse” survey, 78 percent feel empowered to ask their supervisors for the flexibility they need. Informal flexibility is leveraged on a regular basis by 59 percent of respondents overall, and by 65 percent of those in operations roles.