Optimal nutrition, performance spaces and engagement are key to unlocking the success of your student athletes. Are you giving them the power to perform?

Sodexo’s solution is The Circuit, a comprehensive solution designed to Fuel, Equip, and Connect your athletes.




Meals are the fuel for a student athlete’s day. The Circuit uses a science-based, clinical approach to nutrition that maximizes athletic performance, fights fatigue, and helps athletes recover.

But it’s about more than just performance. Your student athletes experience a range of emotions throughout the day that can take them out of their game. To remain competitive, you must offer a full network of support for physical performance, mental clarity, and emotional positivity.

The Circuit is committed to the entire student athlete experience, offering personal touches and convenient services that support the many needs of our guests.

Download our offer overview brochure for The Circuit by Sodexo to learn how we Fuel, Equip, and Connect students to improve their quality of life.

And we can’t forget about the fans! Fanthology  is our scalable game-day fan food solution that is driving fans wild! Sodexo creates memorable game-day experiences that align with your campus’ unique identity. 

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