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Café Quality. In-Room Delivery.

Featuring Sodexo’s delicious Simply to Go menu items, and homestyle comfort food favorites, Meals to Go delivers bistro-quality meals, snacks, and desserts right to your residents’ doors. With Meals to Go, they can get the delicious flavors they want, with the nutrition they need, all while staying safe at home.

A Program that Protects

Social distancing protects seniors, their friends, and their families. Leaving the safety of your community to visit restaurants or pick up carryout increases their health risk and can cause added stress and anxiety. Meals to Go from Sodexo allows residents to enjoy a wide variety of flavors with the convenience of in-room delivery.

Meals To Go Program Highlights

We deliver your residents a variety of fresh meal options and comforting favorites for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We are able to do this cost-effectively thanks to recipes that are low labor. Our program also allows your staff to have a healthy, delicious option that they can have at work or at home, ensuring their safety and limiting their exposure.

Graphic: Supports social distancing efforts. Strong back-of-house operations thanks to low-labor recipies. Provides staff an option to purchase meals for home to save time and exposure.



Learn more about how this solution can help your operations


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