Across all senior living communities, the number of residents with cognitive impairment is increasing. Among assisted living communities, 60% of residents experience some form of dementia, and the incidence of dementia is higher among residents who are over age 85. To address their needs, next-level hospitality services are needed to help improve clinical outcomes and enable residents to thrive, delaying their transition to higher levels of memory care.

Sodexo Seniors’ B Integrated Dining and Therapeutic Hospitality™ is an enhanced dining approach engineered for communities serving people with mild cognitive impairment and early-stage dementia. Our holistic approach is optimized to benefit residents within independent and assisted living settings and across all levels of care. We create a cohesive care team made up of dining and clinical staff who collaborate to employ best practices for residents with dementia. This not only provides an elevated nurturing experience for residents but also fosters improved resident engagement, greater employee retention, and lower operational costs.

Rooted in science and expert insights, B Integrated Dining and Therapeutic Hospitality will allow you to evolve nutrition and wellness within your community and empower staff members to provide specialized care that positions residents to thrive.

The program is based on three pillars—therapeutic hospitality, integrated dementia care, and adapted wellness culinary—and is the only one currently in senior living designed to prolong quality of life for residents with mild cognitive impairment by supporting multiple healthy lifestyle interventions.

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As part of a targeted approach, our B Integrated Dining and Therapeutic Hospitality program offers the following:


Sodexo Seniors empowers organizations to help residents with dementia thrive. A collaboration with us will help ensure that residents can maintain their dignity while dining and clinical staff provide a care plan for residents that are progressing through the stages of cognitive decline.

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