Healthcare Technology ManagementCybersecurity | Capital Planning

Supply Chain | Talent Management | Regulatory Compliance


Our cloud-based solution brings together all of the facets of your healthcare technology management (HTM) program in one place, providing real-time visibility and actionable insights that drive informed decisions about how we care for each piece of equipment. This proactive, insights-led approach results in higher rates of equipment uptime leading to greater revenue for your healthcare system.

A Single Source of Truth for Managing Your Healthcare Technology

The critical elements of your clinical engineering program are most effective when they are working together. Pulling in data related to cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, capital planning, supply chain, labor management, and equipment service requests, our software platform efficiently accounts for the interdependencies within your HTM program and optimizes solutions for better results.


With all of this data in place, we are able to:  

– Extend asset life and minimize downtime
– Easily adjust staffing and scheduling to meet your needs
– Automate preventative equipment maintenance
– Report on utilization and asset performance
– Streamline requests and workflows