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The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, leaving your hospital’s medical devices increasingly susceptible to attacks that can put your patients and your business at risk. With numerous tools and technologies to choose from, it can be challenging to determine which ones will help you maintain compliance while also supporting your financial and operational goals.

With the Sodexo managed cybersecurity program, we help you mitigate risks to your medical devices and mature your cybersecurity capabilities through a layered approach.

Our approach helps you quickly and efficiently turn best practices into your practices.

Scale Your Cybersecurity Risk Reductions with These Tips

This infographic summarizes three healthcare Cybersecurity risk reductions your HTM team can take depending where you are in your journey. 

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From Platform to Program

Cybersecurity as a platform solution alone offers only a narrow scope of solutions. By integrating cybersecurity with your overall Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) program, we are able to provide other operational insights and increased efficiencies that can help you achieve your broader HTM goals more quickly.

Be Brilliant at the Basics

Ensuring that you have the foundational elements of a NIST-aligned cybersecurity program in place to assess and reduce threats to your healthcare technology is a necessity. We help you prioritize and implement the controls that will have the highest impact when it comes to mitigating risks, while offering the lowest cost and implementation barriers. In other words, we prioritize the controls that will give you the highest return on investment.  

Additional Layers of Protection 

Sodexo also offers flexible IoMT solutions that provide your hospital unparalleled visibility into your healthcare IoMT footprint and allows for the immediate remediation of detected threats through step-by-step mitigation recommendations for each attack and risk. 

Added visibility through our IoMT cybersecurity program provides:  


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