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Protecta - Infection Prevention

Powered by science and insights, Protecta is an environmental cleaning and disinfecting program for infection prevention and environmental services teams who are on a mission to reach zero patient infections, while saving patient lives in the process.

What is Protecta?




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Go Above and Beyond

Evidence Based

Protecta is Sodexo’s evidence-based solution for cleanliness and infection prevention. Protecta combines disinfecting chemicals, tools, processes, employee training, and technology, to produce key infection prevention results: reducing HAIs, associated costs, and penalties, minimizing readmissions and lowering lengths of stay, and increasing patient satisfaction and perception of cleanliness.

Operational Excellence

For individual areas of the hospital, Protecta deploys standard operating procedures, supplies, and regular governance to ensure all protocols are followed correctly. This governance allows the Environmental Services team. to perform more efficiently and focus solely on the critical work at hand.

Patient Safety

Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) cause avoidable suffering. By using the best disinfectants and cleaning protocols, hospitals improve their patient safety. Built with people at its core, Protecta uses single-use products to avoid cross-room contamination, “better than bleach” chemicals to destroy pathogens and biofilm, and continuous education to train EVS staff to do more than just clean.


Clinical. Financial. Reputational. Emotional. Going above clean to disinfected, Protecta promotes the health of a hospital. Fewer patients suffer from HAIs, alleviating the burden on clinicians. The financial implications of longer lengths of stay, readmissions and penalties dissipate. The reputation of the hospital improves as ratings and scores increase. Moral increases as patients heal faster.


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